For determined & driven female entrepreneurs who want to catapult their success in just one day.

It's time that I came to YOU! I'm excited to announce that I'm travelling the Globe this year and you're invited to join me for a full day of business mentoring as well as a decadent lunch in the exquisite Four Seasons, Santa Barbara, California.

Why a one day luxury VIP intensive? Intensives provide a tailored coaching experience where you'll get my undivided and specialist attention, in an intimate and luxurious one on one strategizing day.

You'll discover the exact steps you need in your business to go from mediocre and 'just getting by' to experiencing huge personal and professional transformation, skyrocketing your confidence and charisma, and boosting your business income!

We will spend a full day together, in luxury, in a private coaching setting, where you'll get my signature coaching program intensified into one magnificent day of business mentoring. Intensives are all about focusing on your specific needs, goals and desires so you can be sure to get everything out of this day that you've set the intention to get.

This is your chance to live the lucrative laptop lifestyle that you've been wanting. It's time to start living this one life as you'd only previously envisaged. And it all starts with meeting me in sunny Santa Barbara.

Why a one-day VIP intensive?

This is your chance to starting living the life you were born to live. It's truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with me in person and learn all my business strategies and techniques that have catapulted my business to success.

When you intensify in luxury, you:

  • Are giving yourself permission to focus and learn in a luxury setting which helps you to step into the power of CEO and Queen of your life.
  • Awaken your abundance and prosperity when it comes to your wealth consciousness. You'll learn the truth about money and how you can start attracting it into your life
  • Learn to schedule like a Queen and confidently take charge of your life, your business and your time!
  • Will learn to blast past limiting beliefs in your life that have been holding you back, and immerse yourself in a nurturing and supportive environment so you can take time to focus on YOU.
  • Will be revitalized and supported to becoming the very best version of yourself

I'm passionate about helping women uncover their unique capabilities (which every woman has), and learn how to use her passion to get paid! If you're life is in need of nurturing, adjusting and reorganising, then this is for you.

What if you could:

  • Earn more income and make a bigger impact with your business?
  • Finally scale and grow your business so you could start living the life of your dreams?
  • Confidently take decisive action each day as a female entrepreneur instead of second guessing your every move?
  • Remove the word 'debt' from your vocabulary and replace it with 'abundance'?
  • Change your mindset and start to earn your full wealth potential in your career, instead of repelling money from your life?
  • Honestly believe in your vision and not let anyone step all over your dreams?
  • Stop putting off your ambition and start creating a brand that lights you up and makes you jump out of bed every day?
  • Eradicate fear and confusion, getting clear on the steps you need to take so you can quickly craft the life of your ultimate desires?
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and overwhelm to become the strong, determined and driven woman leading her very own lucrative lifestyle?

Lifestyle & Business Makeover

Before we come together for our coaching day, you will complete an extensive Welcome Pack as well as my Business Starter and Lifestyle Makeover Kit so that we will target your goals on the day and optimize our time together. All intensives are tailored to each client, but we will cover some of these topics dependant on your needs:


  • Learn how to become a Sales Superstar - no more undercharging for your services
  • Discover how to package like a serious Entrepreneur and scale your business
  • Get clear on your unique abilities - you have so many, let's narrow your niché!
  • Tele-class training, webinar's 101 and other methods of "training" your audience to warm them up to become clients (why you can never give away too much for free!)
  • I'll show you how I sell without being "salesy"(I've eradicated the word sales from my business) 



  • Scheduling like a successful C.E.O.
  • Time management and delegating like a professional.
  • Learn to charge your worth using the masculine methods to accelerate your prosperity while retaining your femininity.
  • Increase your visibility in the marketplace
  • Discover my advertising model and the exact Ad copy that increased my list by over 4,000% (and counting) in just 4 weeks (learn my list building techniques)
  • Learn to market your business so that clients chase you (and not the other way around)
  • The in's and out's of social media (it's not that scary!) and getting followers organically
  • Branding yourself so you attract the right clients (have your ideal clients knocking at your door!)
  • Discover how to have a waitlist for your programs
  • Increase webinar and tele-class attendance so your reach expands
  • Eradicate website shame - build a website that WOW's your audience



  • Catapult your wealth potential
  • Learn to attract money instead of blocking it
  • You'll never have to say "no" to your desires again
  • Live the life you've always wanted, shopping, dining and travelling on your terms (Queen mentality) 
  • Build your knowledge around wealth
  • Remove the money ceiling syndrome (smash your money ceiling and reach your full wealth potential)
  • Awaken the abundance and prosperity within you
  • Increase your overall happiness.
  • Remove doubt, uncertainty and limiting beliefs.
  • Increase your confidence in driving your business forward.
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and jealousy of others (because your new life is so awesome).
  • Say NO when you mean NO (stop saying YES when it isn't in service to your business needs).
  • Increase your self-esteem, self-care and self-love - tune in and learn to really take care of yourself so you can run an empire
  • Eradicate unfounded worry that keeps you awake at night.
  • Become an unstoppable woman, leading her life and learn to embrace that power (like some of the most successful people on the planet do!)
  • Increase your energy levels and adopt a healthy balanced life 

Make this year the year that your business skyrockets in terms of success, income and impact!

You'll discover the methods to CLAIM your financial goals, expand your reach and grow your legacy.



(usually $7,500)


example program

9.30-9.45 Welcome Coffee

10.00-11.30am 90 Minute Coaching Session

11.30-11.45 Morning Break

11.45-1.15pm 90 Minute Coaching Session

1.15pm-2.00pm Lunch

2.00pm-3.30pm 90 Minute Coaching + Strategy Session

3.30pm-4.00pm Closing Comments and Questions

materials, resources & inclusions

My comprehensive pre-intensive packet + 60 minute coaching session 1 week before ($800+) 


Business Starter & Lifestyle Makeover Kit


1 month of unlimited email access (after the event)


two 60 minute follow up coaching sessions (worth $1,600+)


A full day of powerful coaching. Complimentary tea, coffee and decadent lunch in style.


Access to all my PDF guides, course books, tutorials and resources that you require.


90 day business plan plus projected annual growth strategy