It's time to

reinvent yourself


It's time to

reinvent yourself

Gorgeous, I hear you, you're tired of the stress, done with the exhausting commute and sick to death of wearing pantyhose. You've been working so hard in the corporate world building someone else's empire that you're on the verge of burn out.

The passion’s gone, and you’re running on autopilot. You couldn’t care less about the piles of files on your desk, your only aim is to get through your to-do list without any hiccups, as you down yet another coffee to give you the buzz you need to make it to 5pm.

Hear me when I tell you that you’ve played that tune for far too long. It’s time you leveraged your expertise and took it online as you design a lifestyle of freedom, prosperity and choice as a successful entrepreneur.

Hi, I'm Janelle.

I'm a Business Mentor and Success Coach for aspiring female entrepreneurs wanting to create an online service based business with an international presence.

How would it feel to:

  • Quit your 9-5 and go full time in your own business as a successful online entrepreneur? Say hello to a spontaneous getaways or actually attending your son’s 3pm soccer practice without having to ask anyone for permission. It’s all good because your business is automated.

  • Master your mindset so you can go after your vision unhindered by limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and overwhelm?

  • Spring out of bed excited, energized, and ready to do work in alignment with your passions and gifts?

  • Have financial abundance beyond your wildest dreams so you can stop scraping by to to make ends meet? No more saying “"I'd love to, but I can't afford it.”

  • Ditch the stress so you can be radiant and healthy?

What if I told you that all this is possible for you in just 3 months? That change is possible in every aspect of your physical, mental and spiritual life in such a short time that even in a period of three months from now, you won't even recognize your own life.

You don't have to fumble around trying to put the pieces of the business puzzle together on your own. There's good news.

I'm going to help you uncover your unique capabilities and show you how to leverage your expertise to create an online brand that you love.

Your unique gifts have been given to you for a reason and you're actually meant to turn that passion into your profession.

You no longer have to conform to what society thinks, to what you were told growing up, or to what you think is "the right thing to do" as you work your fingers to the bone to get through University, only to continue the hard slog, working 80 hour weeks to climb a ladder that you know is leaning against the wrong wall.

No! That's not how you're meant to live! It's time to break the mold and create a business and life you love.

You can't continue to live a life that doesn't light you up. You're meant to jump out of bed each day excited to do work that ignites your soul, makes an impact on the world and that gives you enough income to live a life of your ultimate desires.

Those desires in your heart are meant for you and I'm taking a stand for all those times you've buried those desires, putting them to the side because you're embarrassed to admit you want more.

Gone are the days of simply being "grateful for a paycheck". We're gifted to be living in an era where we can have it all. Where women no longer need to choose between having the successful career or the happy home life. 

You can have it all. The successful business, the travel, the family and the wealth that you desire can all be yours, if that's what you truly desire. It's time to stop playing small with your life, with putting up with mediocrity and 'just getting by' as you live paycheck-to-paycheck. 

It's time you started living this ONE life in a manner that resembles the life you really want.

It's time to say goodbye to phrases like:

  • "Thank God It's Friday" (because you're so lit up by your work that you're no longer counting down for the weekend)

  • "I need a wine to get through this" (because you no longer turn to alcohol as a stress reduction, instead you're popping champagne to toast your successes as you work poolside from your laptop)

  • "I just need to work more overtime, then I'll have enough to pay off my credit card debt" (because trading hours for dollars is a redundant way of thinking)

  • "If only I had more hours in the day" (because you work on "Einstein Time" and you've learnt how to leverage life and manage your schedule so you work less but earn more (I'll say it again, you now work less, but earn more)

  • "I'll just snooze one more time, then I'll get up" (because you work with the best clients on the planet and you can't wait to jump out of bed and start your day)

  • "Only lucky people live their dream life and earn decent money" (because you know living "the dream" is possible for everyone and you've created your dream freedom-based lucrative laptop lifestyle that delivers on all the good things in life, as it serves up your worth on a silver platter)

How do I know you so well?

It's simple. Not so long ago I was in your shoes.

I was the woman hunched over my keyboard, up to my eyeballs in due diligence reports and contracts, spending endless days and stressful nights pouring over mountains of files as a headache throbbed at my temples like a jackhammer. 

I was a chronically stressed, over-worked, massively fatigued corporate lawyer focused solely on following my childhood dream of the climbing the legal ladder, that it nearly killed me.

At 28 I had a heart attack and almost died while overseas on a business trip.

(More on my come-back-from-burn-out story in a minute). 

But safe to say reinventing myself after that massive wake up call wasn't easy. The road was long, confusing and scary, but I want you to know that it doesn't have to be. 

You can re-invent yourself after a life changing event. I know because I've done it.

I completely turned my life around and I know that if I can go from a broke, career-confused woman in her 20's to reinventing myself and creating a business I love earning more income than ever before, than I know you can too.

Maybe you've worked so hard for so long building someone else's dream, that you've got no clue how to make your own dreams come true.

(In fact, you've probably been putting everyone else's dreams ahead of your own for so long that you're not even sure you have dreams)!

You're sick of working so hard and still barely having enough to make ends meet. Your income doesn't reflect your input, as you burn the candle at both ends, and you're tired of it.

Maybe you're the woman who's climbed the corporate ladder but you're worn out. All those billable hours, stressful board meetings and uncomfortable suits are giving you a migraine and you're crying out for a better way to live. 

Perhaps you're the woman who's left the corporate world to raise a family, and decided to start a business from home but you're running around in circles trying to get the thing off the ground? You're unsure how the pieces of the puzzle fit together but you know if you had the blueprint that your business would skyrocket.

I hear you. 

You've got unique capabilities and you're meant to use those skills to build an extraordinary business that makes an impact on the lives of others, as you serve from the heart, reach new levels of financial freedom and finally reach the summit of your true potential.

Well gorgeous, you're in the right place if you want to follow your heart and create the business and life you really want.



Office To Online


Office To Online

Office to Online is my exclusive 3 month coaching program for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

This program is designed to show you everything you need to go from your office job to creating the online freedom based lifestyle of your dreams.

Imagine, it’s the beginning of a New Year, and you don’t even recognize your own life, because you’ve:

  • Got clarity on your vision, aligned with your purpose and created the business and life you’ve always wanted
  • Eradicated the fear, overwhelm and confusion that’s been hindering your success (they’re a total yawn-fest by the way) and welcomed courage, calm and clarity into your life
  • Freed yourself from limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that have been keeping you stuck as you adopt the secret thinking strategies of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs
  • Confidently taken action in the direction of your dreams, as a decisive female entrepreneur (instead of second guessing your every move)
  • Untapped your full potential and started living the life you were born to live.

That’s not fantasy, that’s actually your reality, and Office to Online is the coaching program that's going to show you exactly how to piece it all together and build a successful online business.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into designing a unique program contains everything that I’ve learned in my entrepreneurial journey to go from broke, unemployed and career-confused to making consistent 5-figure months in my business.

Now I want to show you absolutely everything I know so that you can have the freedom to live a life of your own creation. 

Why? Because I'm passionate about women having all the freedom, all the choice and all the balance that life has to offer.

I believe you can have it all, without sacrificing anything that you desire. The successful business, the happy family and the fulfilling work is actually available to you, if that's what you truly desire.

What I know for sure is, you've got ONE life and you can't waste it by sitting around a stale office, working a job that barely supports your rent and doesn't even begin to tap into your full potential.

I’m now doing work that’s so perfectly aligned with my true purpose that it doesn’t even feel like work.

And that's the thing, when you're working in alignment with your true calling, it suddenly all begins to make sense as you realize that this is the work that you were born to do.

If you're:

  • sick of being over-worked and chronically stressed, and tired of working for a corporate boss who's crushing your dreams (and a bit of your soul in the process)...
  • exhausted and run down because you're giving your ALL to a boss that doesn't appreciate you...
  • done with putting your dreams to the side as you work your guts out building someone else's empire (while you barely make ends meet)...
  • over using your talents to further someone else's dreams...
  • sick of 'just getting by' in your business as you watch other women make a bigger impact and massive income in their businesses...

  • ready to quit working day and night, fighting tooth and nail to climb the corporate ladder and want to actually enjoy the work you do as you make an impact on the world...

  • ready to say goodbye to struggle, bank account shame and living week-to-week...

  • tired of waiting for your life to change on it's own, and ready to take the proven steps needed to craft the business of your dreams...

  • wondering what's next and how to build an empire to support your life desires for years to come...

  • ready to be an extraordinary leader, wife, mother, sister or humanitarian as you fill your soul and change people's lives simply by being who you naturally were born to be...

Office to Online is for you. This unique program is going to change your life and make 2017 your best year yet.


Program Outline

Program Outline

Office to Online is designed to take you from an employee to an entrepreneur and in doing so, you're going to experience:


  • Motivation and accountability
  • Develop lasting friendships with your OTO sisters
  • Mastermind with like-minded female entrepreneurs 
  • Meet your future collaboration partners 


  • Comprehensive weekly modules
  • Tutorials guiding you step-by-step
  • My reading list of authoritative books  
  • Understanding of the online systems and structures


  • On the business strategies 
  • With powerful mindset techniques
  • To get clarity on turning your purpose into your profession
  • On charging your worth and increasing your income  



Here's what's included:

  1. Access to a secure members site where you'll receive a comprehensive module on a new topic each week
  2. Powerful weekly coaching sessions with yours truly (lasting approximately 2 hours)
  3. Training designed by industry experts and live access to ask them questions (in specific modules)
  4. Step-by-step tutorials that walk you through the systems, structures and techy-stuff in an easy to understand way
  5. A personal invitation to join a supportive community of intelligent, entrepreneurial women who share the same business aspirations as you.

Here’s the thing, this program is unique. There’s nothing else out there like it because it’s my personal road map that took me from broke to making $23k in the first 90 days of my business and on to 5 figure months after that! 



Week 1: Etch Your Ambition

  • Uncover your unique capabilities and what you’re truly called to do
  • Turn your passion into expertise and learn how to leverage your brilliance online
  • Set goals that align with your true purpose and prioritize them with concrete direction to prevent overwhelm
  • Identify the limiting beliefs you’ve been carrying around that have been constraining your success and preventing you from reaching your goals and living a great life
  • Permanently eradicate fear and self-doubt so you can be living a balanced lifestyle with confidence

Week 2: Success Mindset

  • Become a master of your mind and start thinking in a manner that attracts success and abundance
  • Learn how to smash through negative thinking to reach the summit of your true potential
  • Uncover the historical story behind your current financial standing so you can attract more wealth into your life (starting now)
  • Master your wealth consciousness and re-imprint a new money mindset so you can charge fees that represent your worth
  • Eradicate fears of lack and scarcity so you can build a solid foundation from a place of abundance and financial freedom

Guest expert: Jo Sweeney, Success Mindset Coach

Week 3: Getting Clients

  • Discover genuine love for your clients by getting crystal clear on your message and who you’re meant to serve
  • Fine tune your brilliance and uncover your authentic voice so you can communicate fluently with your ideal client 
  • Design offerings (and a lead magnet) that exemplify your skillset and attract clients who will actually pay what you desire
  • Explore online communities to start engaging with your ideal client (before paying for advertising)

Week 4: Branding + Photography

  • Learn how to brand yourself so your client is instantly attracted to you and resonates with your message
  • Create individual branding that highlights you as a leader in your field
  • Select fonts and styles for your website that represent you
  • Prepare for your first photo shoot so your photos maximize your personal message

Guest expert training: by Photographer Amanda Julca

Week 5: Design your Website

  • Write copy that speaks to your ideal client and makes you stand out as an authority 
  • Design a website with a stylish flare that is uniquely you
  • Package your message in a manner that leverages your brilliance online
  • Learn the fundamental systems and structures that you need in place and be supported by all the tutorials you'll ever need

Expert Website Training: by Business + Technology Strategist, Kim Heintz

Expert Copywriting Training: by Copywriter, Hollie Tkac

Week 6: Iron Clad Legals

  • Create a seamless on-boarding system to welcome clients into your business
  • Company set up (ensure you've got the right set up for your business needs)
  • Merchant accounts and accepting payment (get your website to speak to your bank)
  • Contracts for clients and staff - understand what you need and why
  • Cover your bee-hind with the basic website legals so you feel protected as you provide your unique service

Week 7: Online set-up & structures

  • Implement the systems you need to build your contact base and store your good will 
  • Discover how to communicate with your list to ensure they remain as subscribers and eventually buy from you (it's not what you think!) 
  • Scheduling systems and diary management (learn how to manage time effectively, delegate and outsource so you can leverage your time and make more income)
  • Get my storage blueprint to store your templates so you never lose a precedent, and can log in and work effectively from anywhere (hello Hawaii in winter!)

Expert Tutorial Training: by Kim Heintz

BONUS: implementation week to finalize website, branding & photography

Week 8: Your Social Media Presence

  • Stamp your brand online by leveraging social media handles 
  • Learn how to curate your Instagram account so it's on-brand and speaks to your ideal client
  • decipher hashtags and How, What, and When to post so you grow your following organically (but quickly)
  • Scheduling systems that do the work for you and give your biz a professional image

Expert Training: Beth G Harper, Business Coach and Social Media Expert

BONUS: Social Media Checklist and 30 day scheduling plan

Week 9: Advertising

  • Create your own Facebook Ad using the Power Editor (and get my exact Ad copy that grew my list from 0-3,000 in less than 2 months)
  • Write authentic copy that speaks to your ideal client so they're eager to sign up to your offering and your list grows while you sleep (I'll say it again, you'll be growing your list during your sleep)
  • Uncover what on earth a "tracking pixel" is, why it's important and where to put it
  • Tips on selecting the right Audience for you (one of the hardest parts to nail in the advertising realm, but I'll help you get around that!)

Expert Tutorial Training on Facebook Ads: by Business + Technology Strategist, Kim Heintz

Week 10: Landing Pages

  • Create a landing page for your lead magnet (it's okay if you don't know what a landing page or lead magnet is - I'm going to help you with all of that)
  • Discover how to connect it to your Facebook Ad 
  • Get my highest converting landing page (the exact copy) that converted at 95%!!!!!! 

Expert Training: by Business + Technology Strategist, Kim Heintz

Live Guest Expert: Facebook Ad legend, Shay Jordan

Week 11:Sales Funnel

  • Learn what on earth a sales funnel is and create your own (learn how to write incredible copy to woo your ideal client and get them to buy from you)
  • Get my exact sequence template
  • Discover the key to maintaining your funnel so you have a constant flow of traffic and warm leads 
  • Find out when to give your funnel a facelift (reading stats to know when it’s not performing and how to troubleshoot to keep your open rate and conversion optimal)

Surprise Guest Expert: Content creation, Marketing and Sales Funnels

Week 12: Pull it together & celebrate

  • How far you've come - celebrate having pulled together the pieces of your online business
  • Get my weekly and monthly checklists of client communication to maintain momentum in your business
  • Put a 90-day plan in place for your business so you can be persistent in building your business and feel confident knowing you've got the structure in place for rapid growth in your business



Instantly, upon enrollment, you get:

  1. Access to the secure members site where there's material you can get your hands on now so you can experience shifts in your life (no need to wait until the live coaching calls start) ** Membership Site opens Mid-October **
  2. My extensive Welcome Packet that goes deep with your desires, skills and expectations so you get clarity before we commence (and I get to know you a little better)
  3. To meet the other extraordinary women in the OTO program (your sisters) so you can network, mastermind and build friendships (trust me, this support will become invaluable as the program rolls on)




Get ready to

radically change your life

Get ready to

radically change your life

Here's what you should know, those massive dreams you've got, they're actually meant for you. 

They're in your heart for a reason and it's your duty to call those dreams forward so you can finally be living in alignment with your true purpose.

I'm lifting the lid on these secrets:

  • There's no such thing as the perfect time. When I decided to build my own business, I was unemployed, broke and in massive credit card debt. I also had nearly $20,000 in hospital bills and I was engaged to be married with a dream of an Italian destination wedding. I was flat broke, but I did it anyway. There's no such thing as the perfect time. The time to turn your dreams into reality is NOW.

  • You're worth the investment. When I saw the cost of my coach's program, I immediately thought that it was too expensive and told myself that I could do "this business thing" on my own. But here's the thing, if you want to compress your timelines to success, getting support from someone who's done it before you is the smart thing to do. You're worthy of investing in your dreams.

  • You're more capable than the sum of your current corporate job. You're meant to be living an extraordinary life and your current corporate job does not equate to the sum of your full potential. It does not define you. You're capable of so much more and you can reinvent yourself from the woman you've always conformed to, to the entrepreneurial woman you're actually destined to be. 

  • You've got what it takes. You are enough. You have the ability to build an empire from your passion. One that makes an impact on the world, that gives back as you serve from the heart, fulfilling your core desire, while earning enough to support your ultimate lifestyle choices. You've got unique talents, and it's your duty to leverage those skills to create an online business you love.

If you're sick scraping by just making ends meet, over commuting to a boring office job, and done with conforming to other people’s expectation, you're in the right place.

I'm going to help you get that dream business off the ground.


Why me?

Here's my story...

Why me?

Here's my story...

At 28, I had a heart attack and nearly died. 

It became obvious that after nearly a decade of working in the corporate sphere, slogging my guts out to make someone else's dream come true, that I was burnt out and I had to find a better way to live. 

Shocked? So was I. Big time!

I spent three years wallowing in my own self pity, as I fumbled around like a confused, lost and depressed puppy. I struggled so hard to come to terms with the fact that my body had endured so much stress and pressure for such a long time, that it took a heart attack to make me re-evaluate my life.

I found it completely unfair that a healthy, happy but driven woman who had regular check-ups and focused on nutrition and fitness as much as I did, could suddenly be in rehabilitation for a disease stereotypically reserved for over-weight men in their 60's. 

The truth was, I was 28, had heart disease, and the world as I knew it would never be the same.

My health become priority as I slowly realized that my massive wake up call was a warning sign that I was utterly burnt out, and I needed to make drastic changes to my entire way of living and working.

My whole world came to a stand still, and I realized that I could no longer:

  • live the stress-induced life of a high-flying lawyer
  • work for someone else, making them a tonne of money as I put my dreams to the side; and
  • climb the corporate ladder that was putting my health and my family at risk.

But I spent years in a quarter-life crisis trying to get my head around what it all meant, why this had happened to me, and what on earth I was meant to do now.

After all, I'd practiced Law since I was 21 and to me, it was my whole identity. It was all I'd known, and all I identified with, after working so hard to get my degree, qualify at a young age and fulfill my childhood dream, I was scared of having to start again. Maybe you can relate?

In one respect it felt like only yesterday I was graduating... was I really about to give up all those years of study and all that money getting my degree when I was still in the infancy of my career?

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you've worked so hard getting your degree, spending all your money (or all your parent's hard earned money) to get where you are, racking up a truck load of student loan debt in the process, and the guilt you feel for even considering leaving the profession is enough to send your head into a spin.

I get it. But here's the thing. You're tired! Your mind is exhausted and the physical toll that this stressful environment is having on your body is literally wreaking havoc.  

Perhaps for you it wasn't as full-on as a heart attack (I certainly hope not) but maybe it's in the form of fatigue, hair loss or a thyroid condition as chronic stress, fatigue and overwhelm beat your body into a condition that you no longer recognize.

You're sick of being weak, tired of feeling tired and upset by the status of your life.

You look in the mirror and hardly recognize the reflection, as you think to yourself that there's "gotta be more to life". 

I hear you and I want you to know that there is.

You're actually meant to be living a life of enjoyment, happiness and prosperity, not suffering illness, stress and burn out because the corporate world is all you've ever known.

There's more to life than the sleepless nights, anxiety-driven fear and utter exhaustion of your current corporate job.

The life of your ultimate desires is meant for you.

Here's what I want you to know:

  • I nearly died before I reached my full potential and if there's one thing I'm an authority on, it's that life is short
  • You're meant to be living in alignment with your passion, which means you're meant to turn your passion into your profession
  • It took me three years of depression, shame and confusion as I spiralled out of control in a quarter-life crisis to realize that I was given a second chance, and I want to save you from spending precious years learning that lesson for yourself (life's too short, remember)?

It wasn't until I moved to London, followed my heart (instead of listening to what society, my parents or my college education taught me) and invested in a high-level coach (with money I didn't have) that I got my life back on track.

I realised that all these years of heartache and pain, of struggle, unemployment and poverty had been exacerbated by the fact I was doing it alone.  

As soon as invested in myself by getting the help of a coach to show me what's possible, my entire life changed.

I listened to what my heart was saying - to that voice that was calling inside of me - and I decided to trust my own judgement and hire a coach. Was it scary? You bet. But I did it anyway.

And now my world looks completely different, and that's exactly what I want for you.

I went from unemployed, broke and career-confused to making $23,000 in the first 90 days of my own business. I now make consistent 5 figure months as a business coach, and there's nothing special about me. I'm just a small town farm girl from Queensland, so if I can get these radical results, then it's totally possible for you as well.

Why am I so open and vulnerable with sharing my personal struggle? Because I'm on a mission to create a movement of women who understand how talented, worthy and deserving they are of living a great life - one where they flourish in both business success and personal achievement. 

I've gone from a cynical, unhappy lawyer with heart disease to living a life on point with my purpose, using my gifts to help shape the lives of other incredible women, and I'm more happy and more free than I've ever been. 

I think back to all the years of struggle, stress and confusion, to the sleepless nights, the anxiety and the depression, and I realise that it's possible to survive all of these things (and a heart attack) and come out on the other side feeling more content and happy than ever before.  

Now I'm leading my own life and making all of my dreams come true.

And the thing is, all this is possible for you, too.

Now 5 figure months are my new normal because I followed my heart, and created a business that gave me the freedom to work anywhere in the world, with incredibly driven, talented and inspiring clients, making a bigger impact than I ever thought possible.

And I'm just a small town farm girl from Queensland, so if I can reinvent myself after that massive wake up call and create the ultimate freedom based, laptop lifestyle with zero experience in the online business world, then you can too.


turn your passion

into your profession

turn your passion

into your profession

It's time you turned your passion into your profession by leveraging your expertise and taking it online.

Say goodbye to time sheets, glass ceilings capping your income, and permission slips for time off ... it's time you ran your own business, as your own boss, following your own schedule.



"Janelle is a testament to what's possible when you don't give up, follow your heart and stop settling. She's already impacted the world greatly with her story and mission, and I know it's just the start. If you, too, are looking to have an impact with your online biz and have the chance to work with her, take it!"

~ Emily Williams, Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life



Janelle is someone that you will want to work with. She’s brilliant, driven, compassionate and thinks outside the box. Her zone of genius is helping you find yours and then empowering you to be incredibly successful at it! Literally, every time I talk to her, I walk away feeling empowered and like I can do anything. Janelle’s story is real and it’s raw and she took the lessons learned from that and has made a life that is better than her dreams. She can show you how to accelerate your timeline to success so that you can look back on today in just a few short months and be amazed with how much transformed so quickly.

~ Kim Heintz, Online Business & Technical Strategist, www.kimheintz.com

It's time to change your life


OFFICE TO ONLINE is my blueprint to going from a career-confused burnt out corporate with heart disease to completely reinventing myself and building an online business that gives me the freedom and income I've wanted for so long.

I've personally invested over $20,000 in a high-level coach and packaged that guidance with the expertise of 8 years as an international commercial lawyer.

I've pulled together industry leaders with decades of experience between them to share their expertise with you so you're fully supported with live guest experts, video tutorials and workbooks.

This isn't just another online course. This is a life changing business mentorship program that combines community and coaching with the academics and authoritative precedents to confidently establish yourself as an online brand that you're proud of.

This is my labour of love that I'm excited to bring to life.

You've spent years struggling to climb the corporate ladder and earn your worth, only to get close to the top, hit an income ceiling and realize the ladder's been leaning against the wrong wall.

It's time you got the clarity, community and education that you've been missing to take you to the top of the entrepreneurial ladder where you can experience true financial freedom as you create your dream business.

Curriculum recap

  1. Etching Your Ambition - get crystal clear on your unique desires so you can build the life and business of your dreams
  2. Success Mindset - smash through limiting beliefs and develop a successful internal dialog about your finances and abilities 
  3. Get Clients - fine turn your brilliance and uncover your authentic voice so you can stand out online and attract your ideal client
  4. Branding & Photography - dazzle your ideal clients and WOW friends and family with a truly authentic brand using imagery 
  5. Design Your Website - create your website and implement the technological systems and structures required
  6. Iron Clad Legals - be confident in a new arena as an online entrepreneur with all the legals in place to secure your business
  7. Online Set-Up & Structure - grow your business with effective communication (learn how to nurture your list)
  8. Your Social Media Presence - get visible with a brand you adore and cement your footprint with on-brand social media platforms
  9. Advertising - get visible with Facebook ads (plus discover my other non-paid advertising methods that work)
  10. Landing Pages - learn what they are, create your own and get my template that has a 95% conversion rate!
  11. Sales Funnel - warm up cold traffic and get paying clients 
  12. Pull It Together & Celebrate - Rejoyce at how far you've come, develop a 90 day business plan to grow with.




What's everyone saying?

Ellen's had a 5 figure month!

I had no idea how to be my own boss or how to run a business so I invested in my dream and payed a premium price for Janelle's business coaching. Although I had NO money at the time, I took a leap. I hired Janelle and I launched my business in April. Between April and now the success has flowed in like an avalanche. The success has happened SO rapidly that I can’t help but attribute it to the POWERFUL mindset work that I have done with Janelle's guidance. Although I would like to emphasize that the FEELING of being a winning business woman was really the best end product of my coaching package, I would like to tell you about my business success too. In July I had a 5 figure month. That is a real statement. I had heard testimonials like that before but I never thought I would say those words. At this point, my business is just me. I am hoping to expand in the near future. I anticipate that I will be leaving my full time job very soon as I can sustain my lifestyle off my own business. Saying that is a dream come true.

~ Dr Ellen Morello, Success & Wellness Coach, Connecticut (CLICK TO HEAR MORE OF ELLEN'S INCREDIBLE STORY)


Kaycee went from an idea, to profit in just 6 weeks!

Kaycee Brown.png

Working with Janelle has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. After years of struggling with businesses on my own, Janelle helped me go from an idea to profit in six weeks! She genuinely cares about your success and keeps in regular contact so you can reach your goals. Janelle is a wonderful person and an amazing coach and I am so glad I found her!

Kaycee Brown, Lifestyle, Fashion & Wellness Coach, Florida (CLICK TO HEAR MORE OF KAYCEE'S STORY



Michaela recently released her E-Book in Australia!

Wow, wow, WOW!! Janelle has changed my world. She helped bring my dream to reality by coaching me to take action on my desires. This led to building my products, setting up my website and even market research. She also challenged my mindset on money, life and business to help me break into a world class wealth mindset where I was able to attract new business and sales and kick limiting beliefs in the butt! Her passion and above and beyond commitment to see you be the BEST you is what makes Janelle so amazing to work with. 

~ Michaela Papst, Dietitian / Health Coach, Queensland Australia



Maria got her passion back and secured a BIG contract with a national firm!

My time with Janelle has been really awe inspiring. Before being part of her team, my confidence level in myself + my business was at an all time low. I lost focus, I lost drive + simply had no direction. After being with Janelle for just a month, my mindset has completely shifted. I'm feeling passionate again about my business, not only do I think I will success, I KNOW I will succeed. She also is helping take my website from "meh" to "WOW"! I'm so thrilled I took this leap of faith!...It's only up from here. Thank you Janelle! You truly are an inspiration. 

~ Maria Gonzales, Interior Designer, Austin Texas




Chrissie automated her business and gets new leads in her sleep!

“When I found Janelle through Instagram I almost cried tears of joy because I knew she was meant to be a part of my life and my business. I related in such a strong way to her story that I knew that she could make a life-changing impact on my growing business. I was right! I was struggling with implementation, follow-through and mindset. Janelle changed all of that for me. Through her coaching I was able to automate my entire prospecting system. She helped me write incredible copy that is converting, leading to new clients and changed my mindset to one of growth and infinite potential. I am so thankful I decided to invest in her coaching and will continue to as my business grows. Janelle genuinely cares about each of her clients. You will never doubt that for a second.”

~ Chrissie, Transformational Coach


Arabella got clarity on her purpose, a whole new way of thinking and more clients!

It’s so satisfying discovering your why, getting clear on your purpose and finally understanding your business. This is me now, and a complete flip from where I was a few months ago. I always had a vision in becoming a successful online entrepreneur, and I knew my skill set but had absolutely no idea how to pull them together into action. I was on a very unclear path to success, until I started working with Janelle! Everything changed. We have worked hard on so many aspects to business, one of the most valuable parts from working with Janelle is learning all the right and necessary tools to build your business from scratch. The program is more than just identifying and structuring your business, Janelle has introduced me to a whole new way of thinking. My mindset has improved, my money-story has changed and we have overcome some major obstacles together….knocking fear out was a biggie! Oh, and did I forget to mention more clients have been coming my way? :)
~ Arabella Moda, Australia, Life Boss + Mentor.


"Janelle's story will touch your heart, and her coaching will help you find your path to freedom. If you're ready to ditch your 9 to 5, Janelle will teach you how."

~ Cailen Ascher, Clarity Coach + Author






Janelle was THE youngest lawyer EVER in Australia. (She probably won't tell you because she's too humble...) But really, need I say more? This woman is straight up fierce. She leads with kindness, is smart and incredibly driven. Because she's determined to master it all, she'll guide you to find the exact steps you need to translate your business online. Look no further, your online-fairy-attorney-godmother is here.

~ Emily Benson, Creative Business Consultant




Janelle is pure luxury from the inside out. She is a smart, driven, and extraordinary woman who is living the life of her dreams. If it's your mission to stop working on someone else’s vision and start following your heart to make your own vision a reality, say yes to working with her.

- Ariel Frey, Intuitive Success Coach & Business Strategist





Doriel was finally able to move forward with her dreams and got her confidence back!

Until I started working with Janelle, my life was at a standstill. Her personal testimony of "coming back" from a heart attack at such a young age really shook me awake and helped me realize that I had to do something with my life--and now! Working with Janelle help me to move forward from standing towards seeing my dreams come to fruition. I'm confident that had I not connected with her, I would still be immobilized by uncertainty and self-doubt. Thank you Janelle, for being the angel that you were when I needed someone to come alongside and help me to get up and move forward. I don't know if I could have done that without your guidance.

~ Doriel, Motivational Speaker, Ontario, Canada



Janelle stands for the moderns woman's liberation from the destructive grind of the corporate world. She is blazing the path for other gifted intelligent women to break free from convention and external expectations, and create the life of their dreams. 

~ Liivi Hess, Freedom, Lifestyle Business Strategist







Jennifer Jayde.png

Janelle is the perfect mix of ambition, drive, passion, and grace. She is a massive light in the world, a force to be reckoned with, and a powerful ally for any female entrepreneur that desires a high level of unparalleled success in her life and biz!!

- Jennifer Jayde - Dream Business Success Coach





Janelle is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. In the early days of my business launch, she was invaluable with resources. Her generosity with her time and her conscious awareness as a success coach made me excited to start implementing my products right away. If you have a business and and you have ideas...but you lack the direction with where to set up a system Janelle is your mentor. If you want a coach who is not going to sign you up and then disappear. Janelle is your coach! If you want a coach that makes you feel like you want to write a pdf testimonial because a few sentences just does not do her justice- Janelle is it! Within just a few hours I felt confident to finally start creating physical products. Don't hesitate to work with her. JUMP at the chance and let her help you co create your vision! Thank you Janelle!!!

~Jessica Martel, Coach





  1. I’m not from the corporate world and don’t work in an office. Can I still take this program? Office to Online is for anyone who needs the business support to get their online service based business off the ground. You don’t have to currently be working in an office job, and it’s totally ok if you’ve never worked in corporate. Whether you’re a stay-at-home-Mum, already full time in your new biz, or not working at all, this program is going to show you EVERYTHING you need to take your biz idea and build an online business.

  2. When does the program start? As soon as you sign up, you'll be given access to the membership site, where you can dive into the sign on bonuses and orientation material right away. The sooner you enroll, the sooner you'll get access to the Live Orientation calls as well. The program will start on January 9th, with our first Welcome to the Program call.

  3. I'm still trying to identify my purpose and who I'm called to serve. I don't have a business idea either. Is this program for me? Absolutely. This program is going to help you uncover your unique gifts so that you're clear on your purpose in life and who it is you want to help with your gifts. You'll get clarity on your ideal client, your "WHY" and develop a mission statement for your business.

  4. Can all office jobs be taken online? You'd be surprised what traditional office positions are being taken online! I've worked with HR managers who are pioneering the online world and coaching both employers and employees online, without the need to be in an office. I've also worked with Doctors who are pioneering the online world, so if they can leverage their expertise and take it online, there's a good chance your skillset can be packaged in a similar way as well.

  5. What if I miss a live call? Not a problem, all calls will be recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience..

  6. I've just started my business, can I take this program? Yes. You shouldn't continue to play the business guessing game and delay your success any longer. You will achieve faster results by learning from someone who's made those mistakes so that you don't have to.
  7. Can I pay by installments? Absolutely. When going for your dreams, it takes courage, commitment and financial juggling. I get that. For this reason, I've designed monthly installment plans to allocate the investment into more management, bite-size pieces. Use the installment option at the check-out or email my team for more assistance.


STILL GOT QUESTIONS? NO PROBLEM. DROP ME A LINE - info@janelleladewig.com. My team are waiting to answer your questions and will happily get on the phone with you to discuss anything you need in more detail. I'm also opening up time slots in my calendar to speak directly with you, and all you need to do is email my team by clicking here and request a call back. I can't wait to see you in the program.


"Janelle is a testament to what's possible when you don't give up, follow your heart and stop settling. She's already impacted the world greatly with her story and mission, and I know it's just the start. If you, too, are looking to have an impact with your online biz and have the chance to work with her, take it!"
~Emily Williams, Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life