The amount of things I've accomplishment in the past 4 months while working with Janelle has been life changing for me. I booked my first client and was able to QUIT my 9-5 after only 8 weeks! By the end of our sessions together, I had a clear vision of where my business was going and felt ready to scale my business to the next level.

~Zabrina, Women’s Leadership and Success Coach

Wow, wow, WOW!! Janelle has changed my world. She helped bring my dream to reality by coaching me to take action on my desires. This led to building my products, setting up my website and even market research. She also challenged my mindset on money, life and business to help me break into a world class wealth mindset where I was able to attract new business and sales and kick limiting beliefs in the butt! Her passion and above and beyond commitment to see you be the BEST you is what makes Janelle so amazing to work with. 

~Michaela Papst, Dietitian / Health Coach, Queensland Australia

"Janelle is a testament to what's possible when you don't give up, follow your heart and stop settling. She's already impacted the world greatly with her story and mission, and I know it's just the start. If you, too, are looking to have an impact with your online biz and have the chance to work with her, take it!

~ Emily Williams, Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life

It’s so satisfying discovering your why, getting clear on your purpose and finally understanding your business. I always had a vision in becoming a successful online entrepreneur, and I knew my skill set but had absolutely no idea how to pull them together into action. I was on a very unclear path to success, until I started working with Janelle! Everything changed. The program is more than just identifying and structuring your business, Janelle has introduced me to a whole new way of thinking. My mindset has improved, my money-story has changed and we have overcome some major obstacles together….knocking fear out was a biggie! Oh, and did I forget to mention more clients have been coming my way? :)

~ Arabella, Australia, Life Boss + Mentor.

Janelle is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. In the early days of my business launch, she was invaluable with resources. Her generosity with her time and her conscious awareness as a success coach made me excited to start implementing my products right away. If you have a business and and you have ideas...but you lack the direction with where to set up a system Janelle is your mentor. If you want a coach who is not going to sign you up and then disappear. Janelle is your coach! If you want a coach that makes you feel like you want to write a pdf testimonial because a few sentences just does not do her justice- Janelle is it! Within just a few hours I felt confident to finally start creating physical products. 
Don't hesitate to work with her. JUMP at the chance and let her help you co create your vision! 

Thank you Janelle!!!

~Jessica Martel, Coach


Working with Janelle has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. After years of struggling with businesses on my own, Janelle helped me go from an idea to profit in six weeks! She genuinely cares about your success and keeps in regular contact so you can reach your goals. Janelle is a wonderful person and an amazing coach and I am so glad I found her! (Click to hear more of Kaycee's story...)

~ Kaycee, Lifestyle Fashion & Wellness Coach, Florida


I can barely recognize myself after only a month of working with you! A month ago, I was hardly sleeping because I kept waking up with ideas for my business... but I had no idea how to execute... and in July I had a 5 figure month! That is a real statement. I had heart testimonials like that before but I never thought I would say those words. Your program is SO valuable. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me thus far. (Click to hear more of Ellen's story...)

~ Dr. Ellen, Success & Wellness Coach, Connecticut

When I first met Janelle, I was probably on my 3rd or 4th version of my business model and it still didn’t feel quite right and I hadn’t launched anything.  Through lengthy discussions with Janelle this helped to really tap back into my passions and gain absolutely clarity for myself and my business.  With this level of clarity, in the last 90 days I’ve made huge progress.  I’ve designed, developed and are currently launching my business and I’ve also built and launched my website. 

Working with Janelle I’ve also made significant shifts in my mindset.  I’ve become more positive in every aspect of my life (thanks to the resources introduced to me by Janelle).  As a result, my self-belief and self-confidence has dramatically improved and I’m now super confident in my business model and the future plans for my business.

~ Kim, Success and Business Coach, Australia

I met my corporate salary in month 3 of my launching my business and my first month in working with Janelle.

~ Lulu, Success and Mindset Coach

My time with Janelle has been really awe inspiring. Before being part of her team, my confidence level in myself + my business was at an all time low. I lost focus, I lost drive + simply had no direction. After being with Janelle for just a month, my mindset has completely shifted. I'm feeling passionate again about my business, not only do I think I will success, I KNOW I will succeed. She also is helping take my website from "meh" to "WOW"! I'm so thrilled I took this leap of faith!...It's only up from here. Thank you Janelle! You truly are an inspiration. 

~ Maria, Interior Designer, Austin Texas

Janelle's story will touch your heart, and her coaching will help you find your path to freedom. If you're ready to ditch your 9 to 5, Janelle will teach you how. 

~ Cailen Ascher, Clarity Coach + Author



Janelle was THE youngest lawyer EVER in Australia. (She probably won't tell you because she's too humble...) But really, need I say more? This woman is straight up fierce. She leads with kindness, is smart and incredibly driven. Because she's determined to master it all, she'll guide you to find the exact steps you need to translate your business online. Look no further, your online-fairy-attorney-godmother is here.

~ Emily Benson, Creative Business Consultant

Emily B.png

Janelle is pure luxury from the inside out. She is a smart, driven, and extraordinary woman who is living the life of her dreams. If it's your mission to stop working on someone else’s vision and start following your heart to make your own vision a reality, say yes to working with her.

~ Ariel Frey, Intuitive Success Coach & Business Strategist

Janelle is the perfect mix of ambition, drive, passion, and grace. She is a massive light in the world, a force to be reckoned with, and a powerful ally for any female entrepreneur that desires a high level of unparalleled success in her life and biz!!

~ Jennifer Jayde - Dream Business Success Coach

Until I started working with Janelle, my life was at a standstill. Her personal testimony of "coming back" from a heart attack at such a young age really shook me awake and helped me realize that I had to do something with my life--and now! Working with Janelle help me to move forward from standing towards seeing my dreams come to fruition. I'm confident that had I not connected with her, I would still be immobilized by uncertainty and self-doubt. Thank you Janelle, for being the angel that you were when I needed someone to come alongside and help me to get up and move forward. I don't know if I could have done that without your guidance.

~ Doriel, Motivational Speaker, Ontario, Canada

Janelle stands for the modern woman's liberation from the destructive grind of the corporate world. She is blazing the path for other gifted, intelligent women to break free from convention and external expectations, and create the life of their dreams!

~ Liivi Hess, Freedom Lifestyle Business Strategist

When I found Janelle through Instagram I almost cried tears of joy because I knew she was meant to be a part of my life and my business. I related in such a strong way to her story that I knew that she could make a life-changing impact on my growing business. I was right! I was struggling with implementation, follow-through and mindset. Janelle changed all of that for me. Through her coaching I was able to automate my entire prospecting system. She helped me write incredible copy that is converting, leading to new clients and changed my mindset to one of growth and infinite potential. I am so thankful I decided to invest in her coaching and will continue to as my business grows. Janelle genuinely cares about each of her clients. You will never doubt that for a second.

~ Chrissie, Transformational Coach

I had just started my studies towards qualifying as a Personal Transformation Coach when I found Janelle. I fell in love with her brand and her drive. I did not only learn how to start a business but also how to go beyond the starting point. And guess what, thanks to Janelle's drive and energy that I was exposed to I got my first high-end client long before I even launched my website! Janelle has also taught me a valuable lesson in being vulnerable and not being afraid being who YOU are. I am ever so grateful for that and it's only the beginning as we are still work together!

~ Anna, Personal Transformation and Business Coach