For determined & driven female entrepreneurs who want to up-level their life, scale their business and catapult to success!

It's time that I came to YOU! I'm excited to announce that I'm travelling the Globe this year! Join me at the exclusive and very luxurious Hilton Head Island where I'll show you the exact steps you need in your business to go from mediocre and 'just getting by' to experience huge personal and professional transformation, skyrocket your confidence and charisma, and boost your business income!

This is a one-day live event for my 4 month private coaching clients. 

I'm offering this one day live coaching at Hilton Head Island for the extraordinary women who enrol in my 4 month coaching program as a special VIP bonus. When you give yourself the day in luxury, with other incredible women who are up to big things in the world, you:

  • Are giving yourself permission to learn in a luxury setting, surrounded by high vibrational women 
  • Awaken your abundance and prosperity when it comes to your wealth consciousness. You'll learn the truth about money and how you can start attracting it into your life
  • Learn to schedule like a Queen and confidently take charge of your life, your business and your time!
  • Will learn to blast past limiting beliefs in your life that have been holding you back, and immerse yourself in a nurturing and supportive environment so you can take time to focus on YOU.
  • Will discover how to become the very best version of yourself


In 4 months being able to brag to your friends that:

  • you have built a business that lets you work from the comfort of your own home and travel whenever you life.
  • you no longer have to ask permission from a boss to take time off.
  • your dreams have come true right before your eyes and your biz makes such an impact in this world that it supports all of your lifestyle desires.
  • your life has completely changed and you're the happiest version of yourself that you have ever known.
  • commuting to work is a distant memory, restrictive business suits are no longer a prerequisite and you've thrown out all your pantyhose!

You're in the driver's seat. You're unstoppable and you're looking mighty fine!

You've completely overhauled your life, re-written your DNA on how life is meant to be lived and what it really means to live abundantly, with purpose and passion.  Now you're life is the envy of all your friends - who won't stop calling, desperate to know how you did it so quickly!


You're unique abilities are an untapped resource that've been sitting dormant, waiting for me to uncover them and show you how to use them! Aren't you glad you called me?

I am passionate about uncovering your unique abilities, which lay just under the surface.

As a determined and driven corporate woman, you've held the strong belief that you're meant for something more.  You've always felt like a big fish in a small pond but you just weren't sure how to go about turning your future into the incredible dream that's in your mind. There's good news, I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do to!

I can get you where you need to be in such a short period of time, you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  All the resources, tools and manuscripts are right here with me, in my 90 day program.  It really is that easy!

My coaching will change your life forever. 

I'm passionate about helping women uncover their unique capabilities (which every woman has), and learn how to use her passion to get paid! If you're life is in need of nurturing, adjusting and reorganising, then this is for you.

What if you could:

  • Lead your own life and stop following the corporate crowd?
  • Turn your life into the life of your dreams?
  • Confidently take decisive action each day as a female entrepreneur instead of second guessing your every move?
  • Remove the word 'debt' from your vocabulary and replace it with 'abundance'?
  • Change your mindset and start to earn your full wealth potential in your career, instead of repelling money from your life?
  • Stop the long, arduous commute to work to your overwhelming, stressful corporate job?
  • Build your dream business on the side today, knowing that you will soon flip the bird to the corporate world as a successful female entrepreneur?
  • Honestly believe in your vision and not let anyone step all over your dreams?
  • Stop putting off your ambition and start creating a brand that lights you up and makes you jump out of bed every day?
  • Eradicate fear and confusion, getting clear on the steps you need to take so you can quickly craft the life of your ultimate desires?
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and overwhelm to become the strong, determined and driven woman leading her very own lucrative lifestyle?


Why Invest in my Services?


I understand the fear, the overwhelm and the confusion you're feeling.  You're looking at the life you've built thinking "this isn't what I signed up for".  You're thinking there's gotta be more to life than the sleepless nights, anxiety-driven fear and utter exhaustion.  Surely there's a more rewarding way to live, on all levels?

There is. You just need to take a leap into the unknown, because when you do, the path you're currently on shifts to the one you're actually meant to be on!  

The life of your ultimate desires is meant for you.

For me, I'd always wanted to be a lawyer.  From the age of 9 it was all I thought of and all I studied for. It's all my parents ever heard me talk about. I wanted it for so long, I don't ever remember wanting to become anything else.  You can imagine the pride I felt when I graduated at the age of 21 (one of the youngest Lawyer's in Queensland to qualify and practice).

I worked for eight years, juggling the stress, the late nights, the pre-court appearance anxiety.  I was a rising lawyer, climbing the ladder and completely in control of my life (or so I thought).

Then I had a heart attack and almost died. 

My whole life came to a stand still, and I realised that I could no longer:

  • live the stress-induced life of a high-flying lawyer
  • work for someone else, making them a ton of money and putting my dreams to the side; and
  • climb the corporate ladder that was putting my health and my family at risk.


I struggled to come to terms with having heart disease in my 20's.  I had to move back in with my Mum as I rode an emotional rollercoaster of depression and self-pity.  My heart attack had killed 40% of my heart muscle forcing me to deal with the extremely difficult physical signs of illness as well as being emotionally broken.  

I knew it was time to make some big decisions to turn my life around, but I felt completely overwhelmed and unprepared.

Everyone else's life was seemingly on track as mine careened completely off course. It was downright UNFAIR.  I wallowed in my unhealthy emotional state for a long time, blaming everyone else for my problems, until I finally woke up to myself.  

I had to find the path I was destined for by following my heart.


So I tuned in, listened to my desires and jumped off the deep end.

I packed my entire life into a suitcase and boarded the flight to my new beginning.  As I waved goodbye to my family, I was scared, uncertain of my future and completely unsure if this was the right move.  But I took the plunge and did it anyway.

But London wasn't an easy ride!

I was certain I'd arrive in London, where all my dreams had been hiding, and suddenly I'd be living the life of my dreams.

The truth was, I was lost, fumbling around unaided with no-one guiding me or supporting me and it was hard.  I was on another rollercoaster of unemployment, overwhelm and depression as I tried to pull together the confusing pieces of my life.

I was grappling to find happiness and it wasn't a pretty sight. 

I'd been in this quarter-life crisis for 3 years now and my life was an utter mess. I knew I couldn't go on feeling sorry for myself because I was about to run out of steam (and money). Something had to give.

Then I found my own high-level success coach, and my entire life shifted gears.

I realised that all these years of heartache and pain, of struggle, unemployment and poverty had been exacerbated by the fact I was doing it alone.  I didn't have the support systems in place to guide me to find my purpose in life. And that's what coaching did for me.

I listened to what my heart was saying - to that voice that was calling inside of me - and I took a big leap, trusted myself and hired a coach.  Now my world looks completely different. 

And that's what I want for you.

I think back to all the years of struggle, stress and confusion.  To the sleepless nights, the anxiety and the depression, and I realise that it's possible to survive all of these things (and a heart attack) and come out on the other side feeling more content and happy than ever before.  Now I'm leading my own life and making all of my dreams come true.

And the thing is, all this is possible for you, too. I'm just a small town farm girl from Queensland who listened to her heart, followed her dreams and is now living a life that's better than her dreams. And I know that if I can make it happen, then so can you! 

Your new life awaits. 

Remove the word HOPE from you mind.  No long will you hope that 2016 will be your year.  It's possible for you to turn your life into one of unimaginable happiness as you become the C.E.O. of your own life (and your own business).



How would you feel if you took a leap and landed ahead of the crowd?

Imagine how incredible it would feel to have financial freedom, to be able to work from your laptop from anywhere in the world, to schedule your own day instead of working to someone else's clock.  

What would it mean to you to be able to spoil your family and friends on their birthday or take that extended luxury holiday at Christmas?  How would it feel to no longer fly economy? Imagine being able to fly business (or even first) class. What would it mean for you to no longer live week-to-week, waiting for pay day? 

It'd feel incredible, wouldn't it?

I know it feels unbelievable right now - that was me just a few short months ago - but I'm telling you what's possible for you. Just take a peek at how quickly my life changed as soon as I invested in my own Success Coach...

Program Description 

This program is for you if you're sick of settling in life and sick of just getting by. You're a determined and driven woman who's meant for big things in this world and you're no longer satisfied with living a mediocre life. You're ready to get the life you've always imagined, the life of your ultimate desires.

As a budding entrepreneur, you recognise the importance of investing in yourself when you're trying to do something massive and life-changing.  You also understand that seeking assistance from those that have come before you will accelerate your path to unlimited success.

I personally work with my own high-level coach and know the incredible value of being held accountable by an expert in the field.  In fact, my dream business, wouldn't have come to fruition if I hadn't have recognised that I needed help in taking my business to the next level.  And investing in my own coach has been the best decision of my life because its the single reason I found the level of success I did in such a short time.

Janelle is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. Endless Grace really does sum her up. In the early days of my business launch, she was invaluable with resources. Her generosity with her time and her conscious awareness as a success coach made me excited to start implementing my products right away. If you have a business and and you have ideas...but you lack the direction with where to set up a system Janelle is your mentor. If you want a coach who is not going to sign you up and then disappear. Janelle is your coach! If you want a coach that makes you feel like you want to write a pdf testimonial because a few sentences just does not do her justice- Janelle is it! Within just a few hours I felt confident to finally start creating physical products. Don't hesitate to work with her. JUMP at the chance and let her help you co create your vision! 

Thank you Janelle!!!

~Jessica Martel

Lifestyle & Business Makeover

Each program is tailored to the individual and designed to support your unique desires and abilities in creating the life of your dreams. Therefore, there is no set curriculum each week, but you can expect to cover the following topics over 4 months:


  • Learn how to become a Sales Superstar - no more undercharging for your services
  • Discover how to package like a serious Entrepreneur and scale your business
  • Get clear on your unique abilities - you have so many, let's narrow your niché!
  • Tele-class training, webinar's 101 and other methods of "training" your audience to warm them up to become clients (why you can never give away too much for free!)
  • I'll show you how I sell without being "salesy"(I've eradicated the word sales from my business) 



  • Scheduling like a successful C.E.O.
  • Time management and delegating like a professional.
  • Learn to charge your worth using the masculine methods to accelerate your prosperity while retaining your femininity.
  • Increase your visibility in the marketplace
  • Discover my advertising model and the exact Ad copy that increased my list by over 4,000% (and counting) in just 4 weeks (learn my list building techniques)
  • Learn to market your business so that clients chase you (and not the other way around)
  • The in's and out's of social media (it's not that scary!) and getting followers organically
  • Branding yourself so you attract the right clients (have your ideal clients knocking at your door!)
  • Discover how to have a waitlist for your programs
  • Increase webinar and tele-class attendance so your reach expands
  • Eradicate website shame - build a website that WOW's your audience



  • Catapult your wealth potential
  • Learn to attract money instead of blocking it
  • You'll never have to say "no" to your desires again
  • Live the life you've always wanted, shopping, dining and travelling on your terms (Queen mentality) 
  • Build your knowledge around wealth
  • Remove the money ceiling syndrome (smash your money ceiling and reach your full wealth potential)
  • Awaken the abundance and prosperity within you
  • Increase your overall happiness.
  • Remove doubt, uncertainty and limiting beliefs.
  • Increase your confidence in driving your business forward.
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and jealousy of others (because your new life is so awesome).
  • Say NO when you mean NO (stop saying YES when it isn't in service to your business needs).
  • Increase your self-esteem, self-care and self-love - tune in and learn to really take care of yourself so you can run an empire
  • Eradicate unfounded worry that keeps you awake at night.
  • Become an unstoppable woman, leading her life and learn to embrace that power (like some of the most successful people on the planet do!)
  • Increase your energy levels and adopt a healthy balanced life 

Before we come together for the luxury VIP day, you will complete an extensive pre-intensive application form so that I am aware of your business status and goals so that the day is tailored to your needs individually as well as being a group up-levelling day. 

Make this year the year that your business skyrockets in terms of success, income and impact! You'll discover the methods to reach your financial goals, expand your reach and grow your legacy.

What Others Are Saying

Working with Janelle has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. After years of struggling with businesses on my own, Janelle helped me go from an idea to profit in six weeks! She genuinely cares about your success and keeps in regular contact so you can reach your goals. Janelle is a wonderful person and an amazing coach and I am so glad I found her!

~Kaycee Brown, Lifestyle, Fashion & Wellness Coach


Holy crap Janelle! I want to buy my own services after reading that and I don't even have a special needs child! This is GOLD! Thank you so much!!! I knew when I felt called to work with you it was because you are so eloquent and could help me to find a way with words! You are genius!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Can't wait to talk tomorrow and I am so excited about this!!

~Dr. Ellen, Physical Therapist and Wellness & Success Coach


My time with Janelle has been really awe inspiring. Before being part of her team, my confidence level in myself + my business was at an all time low. I lost focus, I lost drive + simply had no direction. After being with Janelle for just a month, my mindset has completely shifted. I'm feeling passionate again about my business, not only do I think I will success, I KNOW I will succeed. She also is helping take my website from "meh" to "WOW"! I'm so thrilled I took this leap of faith!...It's only up from here. Thank you Janelle! You truly are an inspiration. 

~Maria, Interior Designer


I had to let you know this... As you know I paid for the coaching on Thursday. We couldn't really afford it, but in my heart I just knew I needed to do it. So today Stu (my husband) asked me if I wanted to bet on the grand national. I decided to put £10 each way on a horse whose name I liked (Rule the World). I went off to a kids party and forgot all about it. I didn't have any reception and missed the race. A couple of hours later I received a text from Stu and Boom! my horse came in and I won £645! I just goes to show that this was meant to be... I believed in it and the universe answered! This afternoon I started reading How Rich People Think by Steven Siebold - maybe it was just a slight change in mindset that made it happen! I'm really looking forward to getting started.

~Vashti, CEO & Speaker

This is for you if...

  • You're sick of working for someone else while your dreams sit on the side line watching your boss bank, instead of you.
  • You want to jump out of bed in the morning - you can't remember the last time you were that excited to get to work!
  • You're over-worked and chronically stressed, sick and tired of working for a corporate boss who's crushing your dreams (and a bit of your soul in the process).
  • You no longer want to work day and night, fighting tooth and nail to climb the corporate ladder - you're ready to enjoy the work you do and you're ready to make an impact.
  • You're done with struggle, bank account shame and living week-to-week.
  • You've put your dreams on the back burner for far too long and its time to put yourself first and build a life that gives you the freedom you crave and the income you deserve.
  • You're tired of waiting for your life to change, you're ready to take the proven steps needed to craft the business of your dreams.
  • You know you're meant for more and that your true potential is not being realised in the corporate sphere.
  • You're sick of using your unique talents to further someone else's dreams - its your turn!
  • You've been wondering what's next and how to build an empire to support your life desires for years to come (psst, it's not your current corporate job)
  • You're ready to be extraordinary.
  • You're sick of billable hours, the commute and having to ask permission for time off, to take lunch and to spend time with your family - you want to live life on your terms and be your own boss!



(*monthly instalment plans available)

Wow, wow, WOW!! Janelle has changed my world. She helped bring my dream to reality by coaching me to take action on my desires. This led to building my products, setting up my website and even market research. She also challenged my mindset on money, life and business to help me break into a world class wealth mindset where I was able to attract new business and sales and kick limiting beliefs in the butt! Her passion and above and beyond commitment to see you be the BEST you is what makes Janelle so amazing to work with. 

~Michaela Papst, Australia (Dietitian / Health Coach)

Be Empowered

If you want to join me in Hilton Head as well as experience 4 months of life altering coaching, then this package is for you.  It's time to go for your dreams and turn your life into the one you've been desiring for so long and there's no better way to start a life changing business mentorship program then with a luxury intensive VIP day at Hilton Head Island. Click the button to apply NOW.