Today has just flow by! It's 7pm and I still haven't written my Monday newsletter, my inbox is full of unread emails, mostly from my VA (sorry Sarah) and I've still got 2 more meetings before I can even think of posting on social media.

It's one of those days Where having 8 arms and being super human would be awesome.

Maybe you can relate? Well, Gorgeous, if today's one of those days for you too, or if you've ever had one (and if you run a business or if you just have two arms and legs like the rest of us mere mortals, then I'd suspect you have) this one’s for you. 

You see I'd like to say things always go smoothly, that with 6-figure business, two assistants (hi Suzie & Sarah) and a tech team (shout out to Rachel and Leanne) that I was totally in control 16 hours a day (I'd like to think I'm sleeping 8)! 

Spoiler alert- I'm not. 

Nor are most other entrepreneurs, even if they tell you they are, or their social media says they are - especially if their social media says they are)!

The things is, we're all human and we all have 24 hours in a day, but there's definitely ways you can amplify your productivity so you get it all done without going crazy. 

When you've got phone calls to make, London traffic to battle, and an inbox that you wish Houdini could make disappear, there's ways to stay calm amongst the chaos and totally smash your to-do list in the process. 


Here's what I do on days like today:

  • Communicate - I give my team a heads up that things are going haywire and manage their expectations accordingly. This also lets them manage their day so I'm not causing their schedule to become protracted as well. 
  • Star emails - I skim my inbox (which is ordered with unread first) and star the ones that are from clients (top priority) and using a different colour, star the ones that need answering today. The rest will just have to wait. Client emails first!
  • Review my schedule - I pick the three things that require my attention (that cannot be outsourced but must be done today) and tackle those first (juggling phone calls and meetings, I block out time for each task in my google diary). It's important to be accurate while also allowing a small block for contingencies. 
  • R.P.A. - looking at my top 3, I want to focus on the revenue producing activities only. These are the things that typically can only be done by me - like content creation, sales calls or client consultations. 
  • Outsource - I hit forward like it's going out of fashion and those emails that can be passed on, I pass those babies on! (Thanks Sarah & Suzie)! 

And to keep my sanity amongst the chaos, I actually slow down. It's vital for my health (my heart and my emotional intelligence) that I remember to reduce my pace, take a moment and breath, even when I feel tight on time. 

I do some stretches, walk away from the computer (important for your eyes as well) and grab water and almonds (my Best friends). 

And should it turn out that some things just didn't get done - and it happens - I show kindness to myself and gratitude for all that I have accomplished and I encourage you to do the same. 

When I go to bed I replay the day in my mind in a way that makes me feel good, and on days like today that might mean lying to myself a little but the thing is - your mind doesn't know if you're lying or telling the truth, so use this opportunity to imprint a new story of productivity happiness and success. 

The most important person you ever talk to is yourself, so be careful what you say.”  (John C. Maxwell.)

Your mind is a powerful tool and if you let it tell you that you lost, failed or didn't win today, then that will become your reality. 

So I challenge you to brainwash your subconscious into believing you're a winner, eliminate the negative self talk and focus on the things that you did achieve and that, Gorgeous, will become your reality. 

To winning! 

Janelle xx