This past weekend we had incredible weather in London. I spent yesterday strolling the Little Venice canals (aptly named) and was able to stream a Facebook Live to my August Mindset ladies (a month long program I'm running) while out and about on Sunday. 

It's incredible to be able to work from wherever, wouldn't you agree, Gorgeous. 

We were grabbing some lunch at a gorgeous outdoor location when this really interesting thing happened as I was ordering my pulled pork taco (don't judge - I ate 4!!)

I asked for no sour cream (#dairyintolerence) and I saw the man making my taco automatically reach for the container as I watched him pour sour cream over the tacos that, as I correctly assumed, were meant to be mine. I didn't say anything as I watched him make another round of tacos and reach for the sour cream container with the same automatic muscle memory, and immediately pour sour cream over my tacos. Again.

I had to laugh. Despite reading the order just moments earlier, his automatic response to making pork tacos was to add sour cream.  

His mind was programmed to add that to each order because that was the standard recipe he knew, and when faced with a deviation of that routine, despite reading the order just a few seconds prior, his subconscious had formed a habit that couldn't be broken by reading instructions just once. 

Maybe you can relate to that, Gorgeous.

Maybe you've driven home from work and not remembered the entire journey, but you've done it so many times that the path is cemented in your brain and you can almost do it with your eyes closed (but I hope you don't)! 

Think about making a coffee. Let's just say you're taking a sugar break this week and as you go to make your sugar-free latte from your Nespresso machine in your home office (guilty) you automatically pour a spoonful of sugar into the mix. 

Despite reminding yourself that you're sans sugar, your brain is so conditioned with this pattern that breaking it requires some serious thought. 

The thing is, our entire lives revolve around conditioning from past programming. We are creatures of habit and the patterns we create for ourselves have the ability to enhance our life or keep us stuck. 

It's the same with our businesses.

If you don't form healthy success habits from the get go, your business just won't gain momentum. You’ll be held up at the gate, stuck at the starting line, wondering why, despite all your efforts, things just aren't progressing. 

It's because you can take all the action in the world - drive home from work, brew your coffee or even make your beef taco - but if the mindset isn't paired to match your direction, you'll be stuck on Groundhog Day with no variation, progress or massive results. 

Sure, maybe you made yourself a coffee (success), but your mind automatically added sugar so now your sugar-free diet is out the window. 

Caffeine hit? Sure. But progressing the diet to get the results you want? Fail. 

So how do you change your past programming and form new habits so that you can achieve your goals, reach higher limits and bust through blocks keeping you stuck in Groundhog Day? 

Here's some of my helpful tips to breaking the cycle: 

1. Set an intention for your day and be very clear and specific. You can set an intention for how you want your day to pan out, for conversations with clients, and for the amount of money you wish to make. So set an intention for a new habit and state it very clearly to yourself. You can journal privately or post on Facebook to hold yourself accountable (I do this over in my group:Ambitious Business Women - come join us)

2. Keep post it notes around the house. Go nuts with those bright sticky notes so that you have reminders all over the fridge, coffee machine, bathroom mirror and computer.

3. Practice being present. Anytime you find yourself wondering off and just plodding along, like you've just lost the past 5 minutes in some kind of fuzzy haze or daydream (maybe try the no sugar thing, ha) bring yourself back to the present moment with a gentle nudge. 

4. Write out your goals like Bart Simpson on detention. Over and over and over and over. Imprint it in your mind using repetition.  

Gorgeous, our minds are like sponges, which means they absorb things all the time, so be conscious with your words, thoughts and actions so your mind is soaking up only those practices that are going to move the needle in your business. 

It's not hard - it's just awareness and repetition. 

If you're diligent with forming new habits, I promise you, you'll see the results. 

To your massive success,

Janelle xx

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