Happy Monday from Paris! I've spent the weekend celebrating my friends birthday in Paris and as I write this to you I'm taking a river cruise along the Seine. 

If that's the kind of Monday you'd love to create then stick with me because I'm sharing how it's possible for you to get the life you want NOW, instead of waiting for someday in the future. 

You don't have to wait to win the lottery, or cash in your pension and travel in your retirement. You can actually build something you're proud of that supports your lifestyle NOW, and start living your dream today. 

For me, the shift in mentality around my beliefs about money and happiness was the catalyst to accelerating my dream life. I flipped the switch on my negative thoughts that were limiting my potential and my bank account and adopted a new, healthy and successful way of thinking. 

Armed with a strong mindset and fresh outlook on life, I became determined and unstoppable toward building my dream business. 

It really was that simple. The clarity came when I discovered that the power to get what I want in life actually lies within me, and when I realized this, I removed all barriers to success and wealth and my business took off. 

If you want to change the trajectory of your life, or take your business to the next level, the power lies within you, Gorgeous.

There's no magic pill, secret sauce or hidden gem, I'm literally giving you the answer to a happy life right here. It's your frame of mind. 

Today, if you're sitting at your desk wondering if this is all there is, pondering how to leave your job and create more freedom and fulfilment, know that your solution lies within. Re-wiring your thought habits is the single biggest thing you can do to see immediate shifts in your life and the best thing is, it's completely free.  

If you're struggling to find happiness, unsure how to create your dream lifestyle, or finding it difficult to see the the forest for the trees, it's so easy to change all that. 

It wasn't all that long ago that I was that woman, but now I'm running a 6 figure business, helping women to change their lives, and enjoying long weekends in Paris. It's completely possible to create anything that you desire, Gorgeous, and it doesn't have to take you years (I hit 6 figures in 10 just months)! 

Your 6-Figure success story is hiding behind these steps:

  • Mindset - eradicating limiting beliefs, managing fear, increasing your confidence and seeing your life with a glass half full approach (instead of focusing on the lack)
  • Money - uncovering your money story and removing unhealthy thoughts about wealth so you can create a success mindset of abundance
  • Community - find a Facebook group or business bestie who gets your mission and hang out with them daily
  • Action - get started today and every single day after that you need to be doing something that moves you closer to your dreams
  • Momentum - holding the faith that you're worthy of your dreams and stopping at nothing to make them happen. 

Sitting at your desk on a Monday can be a thing of the past. 

6-Figure success (and beyond) can be your new normal. 

You're meant to live a truly great life of incredible happiness, wealth and fulfilment. 

It's up to you to hold to that belief and fight for your dreams. All you need to do is trust in the outcome and the path to get there will eventually reveal itself to you.

You've got this, girl! 

With love, 

Janelle xx

P.S. The life of your wildest dreams is available to you - are you going to wait for someday or claim what's rightfully yours today? Anything is possible, Gorgeous.