What a looooonnnggg 30 hour trip home from Australia (it’s usually 24 hours, but I had a 7 hour layover in Bangkok) and let me tell you, I was so tired and delirious but I came home to gorgeous flowers from my Hubby, a glass of wine already poured and lots of hugs (shucks!).

I’d like to say I feel fresh and fine today, but honestly I’m still in recovery mode (if you’ve done the trip to Australia you know exactly what I’m talking about). But it’s good to be home and I’m back at my desk getting into the swing of things…

The only thing missing is the ocean view, but I’m working on manifesting my next beach trip already… and that’s what brings me to my exciting FREE gift today. (For those manifesting queens out there who believe in the power of manifesting, you’re going to want in on this, so be sure to keep reading).

But if you’re one of those women who’ve heard about the Law of Attraction and thought it was bonkers, woo-woo or crazy talk, that’s totally fine, Gorgeous , I get it because that use to be me until I tried it and saw the tangible results for myself. 

At first I thought maybe the new clients, money in the bank, cheques in the mail, gift certificates in my inbox and awesome biz opportunities were just luck or a fluke or a coincidence and it wouldn’t last.

But it has because I’ve implemented the simple 5 step formula designed by my money mindset mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas. She’s just launched a brand new 5 Day Manifesting Challenge (I just joined and I highly recommend you jump in too).

Over the next five days Denise will share how she has manifested

- 6 months' all expenses paid travel
- Her dream house by the beach
- Multiple competition and award wins
- A life-changing million dollar business
- A family life based on freedom, adventure and abundance

You may have seen me talk about Denise in the past and her incredible money mindset courses. Denise’s mission is to empower women manifest the life, business and abundance you dream of, so she created this free 5 day challenge to share her secrets.

Over the next 5 days you can join here and Denise will take us through her super practical formula that breaks the Law of Attraction down into actionable steps so it’s virtually foolproof. 

The first video came out today so by signing up you’ll get the first video immediately and it’s all about step 1 of the manifesting formula. In this video you’ll discover how to clear the obstacles (physical and mental) that are stopping you from making your dreams reality.

Here’s the link to join and watch now: http://bit.ly/DDT-Manifesting-Challenge

I can’t wait to do this challenge with thousands of other female entrepreneurs - come join us and let’s get manifesting.

With love,

Janelle xx

P.S. P.S. The first step is super important and trips up a lot of women trying to create change in their lives, you can watch the first video here:http://bit.ly/DDT-Manifesting-Challenge

P.P.S. I am a proud affiliate partner of Denise Duffield-Thomas and may receive a commission in the future if you purchase one of the Lucky B programs.