I’ve got a little bit of a confession to make about why I wasn’t in your inbox last week (maybe you noticed?).

From the top (deep breath, here goes!)...

I lost my business mojo. Here’s the story... I’ve worked hard for just over a year from the very first moment I invested in a coach and learnt the biz tools to create my online dream, to now, basically working non-stop. There wasn’t anything that could keep me from my dream (even when I got married, I still replied to work emails, it wasn’t a solid break).

But last week I received some really sad family news that halted me in my tracks as the cold hard truth of mortality slapped me in the face like a massive wake up call, and I broke down and cried for three days.

On top of that I was a little sick, so you can imagine receiving some really sad family news (my brother was and still is, in hospital) and suddenly going from unstoppable, super-strong female entrepreneur, to a blubbering heap on the couch.

I lost my biz mojo and to be very honest with you, Gorgeous, it’s the reason I didn’t write my weekly newsletter last week, why I barely did more than take client calls, and didn’t show up in my Facebook group (sorry ladies!).

Why should you care and why am I sharing this? Because it’s my hope that sharing this with you will support you if and when a similar situation happens to you.

Because the reality of building a business based on your passion is; when something comes up, and let’s face it, it’s life - something is ALWAYS going to come up - that ‘something’ will more than likely affect your business.

As my coach once said to me, “if there’s something going on in your personal life, we need to talk about it, because your personal life is intertwined with your business”. One affects the other! I’ll never forget that. 

So last week, as my business mojo was buried in a pile of Kleenex, I had a choice to make about my super long to-do list. I could force myself to find inspiration, write a newsletter, show up, email my list, tweak my Facebook Ads and landing page, and re-write my opt-in, or give in to my emotions, and feel the feelings that were obviously coming to the surface for a reason.

I chose the latter. Mainly because no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find inspiration. Maybe you can relate to that and I want you to know that I totally get it.

I also want you to know that it’s okay to stop and just be with yourself, even if it takes a week to bounce back, that’s okay. And what I realized about last week was, my business didn’t break because I didn’t work 10 hours a day, my list didn’t disappear because I failed to send one newsletter and my community hasn’t removed itself from my Facebook group because I didn’t show up as much.

The world is still spinning, my clients are still happy (in fact I signed two new clients last week - hooray!) and I’m still in business.

Even though my business mojo isn’t back 100%, I do feel a lot better this week. And here are some tips I want to share with you that you can implement on those days where you don’t feel like giving your all, showing up on Facebook, or emailing your list. For those days when you lack motivation or inspiration and nothing seems to help you flip the switch. 

For those days, Gorgeous, I want you to:

1. Get out of the house! Go to a cafe, work from the library, or go to your local pub (that’s a very British thing to do, ha!). But whatever you do, don’t stay home alone in silence where your thoughts run the show.

2. Hit the gym, go to yoga or go for a walk. Exercise changes your mood because it releases endorphins in your body. This chemical reaction helps fight depression and generally just lifts your mood. You’ll find it harder to focus on the negative or the sad when you’re getting physically active doing something fun!

3. Call your biz bestie and let your emotions out. Share your pain and ask for support. That’s what besties are for (thanks to mine who put up with the sobbing last week and really lifted my mood - I appreciate you all so much!).

4. Cry into your kleenex because your body clearly needs it and don’t make yourself feel wrong for it. Just go with the emotions. If you can’t lift your spirit by watching motivational or inspirational YouTube videos, then let your body release its emotion through your tears and ride it out (but repeat step 3 if this crying goes on for too long).

And if you’re going through a difficult time right now, Gorgeous, then know I feel you. Hit reply and let me know how you’re going so I can share some words of wisdom and “biz mojo” tips with you directly.

I’ll be flying to Australia to see my family this week, so look out for more updates and Aussie pictures from me this week.

Stay strong. You’ve got this.

With love, 

Janelle xx