On the weekend I was talking to my husband about my new self-study program that I created; my Mindset Makeover Mini-Course. It’s about uncovering your unhealthy thought habits and reprogramming your mind to think in a more successful way.

I was telling him how excited I was about being able to create something so transformational for such a no-brainer price because the information inside my course is exactly what changed my life from unemployed, lost and at times depressed, to launching a business and turning my monthly corporate salary into my weekly income!

I knew I had to share this information with the world. And what he said next completely blew me away.

My Husband said “when I first met you, you were so negative that if one tiny little thing went wrong, it would tip you off and you’d spiral out of control and be negative for the rest of the day”.

Wow - tell me what you really think, why don’t you! (I must have done something right if he eventually asked me to marry him - I’m still thinking on that one, ha!).

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But in all seriousness, I was a little shocked when he said it. We were sat by a cozy fireplace in a cute little pub in Chelsea, London, and his words hit me like bullet.

But he was also 100% right.

Just over a year ago, I really didn’t know how to handle it if something went wrong, because I’d spent the prior three years in a quarter-life crisis of depression, unemployment and debt. There were more negative days than positive ones and when something else went wrong, it would compound and I’d literally lose it.

Phrases like “typical!!” and “of course that happens to me!” and “just my luck” would come out of my mouth, and I’d stay stuck in that mentality all day. Maybe that sounds familiar to you, .

Then I found mindset work. (I should point out that I didn’t even know what mindset was, I mean, come on, who uses that word in everyday language?).

I discovered a lot about the how the mind works, uncovered exactly why I had the thought patterns that I did (it all started to make sense), and I finally understood the science behind compounded negative thoughts.

Now the mindset phrase “thoughts become things” is an everyday saying, because I’ve come to see it be true in my own life (and the life of my client’s). I know for sure that what you think about you bring about, and the only thing standing in the way of a happy and successful day, is your thoughts. 

Master your thoughts, master your life! 

I wish someone had’ve told me this sooner. I felt like I wasted a lot of years being sad and stuck, and when I devoured the teachings of the mind like it was going out of fashion, and applied it to my own life, I saw instant and massive transformations.

I literally gave my mind a makeover, and the results were instantaneous.

And sitting in that quaint Chelsea pub listening to my Hubby voice his amazement (and no doubt relief) at my mindset makeover made me smile. After I got over the initial shock of his honesty, I was extremely proud.

I know I was in a pretty dire situation. Taking away the financial side of things (I was in piles and piles of debt) the more important thing to me was the fact I felt lost and sad. I felt like I wasn’t in control of my destiny, and I’d almost given up hope that an incredible life was available to me. (Now that’s sad, Gorgeous.)

But the good news is, if any of this resonates with you, Gorgeous, you can change it.

Immediate results are totally possible when you do the work on your mind.

Now, I don’t even recognize my own life - and sometimes it takes someone closest to you to point out just how transformational your journey has been.

So today, if you’re not entirely happy with your station in life, if you feel like you’ve got gifts to share with the world, but you’re unsure how to make it happen…

If you’re feeling down on your luck, unable to get out of bed, or struggling to find the positive side to life, you just need a mindset makeover! You can change your thoughts and in turn change your life.

Gorgeous, if you master your thoughts, you master your life.

With love,

Janelle xx