Recently, I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive in London. It’s a 3 day seminar covering money management and specifically how to (1) think like a Millionaire; and (2) become financially free.

What I really loved about it was at the end of the three very long days, and 168 pages of workbook later, these words appeared on the final page of the book:


Awesome, right? And I’d love to show you a little bit about how we got to that point so that you can have a millionaire mind too (I highly recommend reading the book, by the way, and I mention the name on the free training).

There were so many takeaways, and I could go in forever but I shared 6 on the free training and will let you in on three right here:

1. Your comfort zone is in direct proportion to your income zone (lightbulb!!!)

2. To change your fruit (the results, or money) you have to change the roots. So you need to do the inner work, around your money beliefs and releasing blocks like old money stories, to break through to the next income barrier (and beyond). I also told you the 3 step process to changing your belief systems so you can charge higher prices, release old stories and live a better life (that’s on the training).

3. To win the money game, you need to become financially free so that you can have choice (the choice whether or not to work again). If that sounds like something of interest, I shared the 2 passive income methods you need to implement to make that happen, and yep, it’s on the training as well.

To hear these in more detail + get the scoop on the other 3 takeaways…

Click here to watch the Money Masterclass training where you will:

>>> discover My top 6 takeaways from the Millionaire Mind Intensive +

>>> receive over an hour of training on money mindset and what it really took for me to hit 6 figures in my business in less than one year.

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nce you watch the video, come back here and hit reply, let me know your biggest takeaways. Perhaps there’s a common money story that you’ve been telling yourself your whole life that you uncovered from watching the training (totally possible, and very likely).

r maybe you never knew you had a money story (or what that was - totally fine, that was me once) but this Masterclass shed light on what’s really been keeping you broke!

Or, maybe, just maybe, you did the activities to release blocks, anger and resentment from past programming and created a new healthy money blueprint! (Hooray!)

I’m waiting for your reply, , because I’d love to hear from you.

with love,

Janelle xx

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