Hi gorgeous,

I spent Saturday playing the matrix with Mike Dooley in London and WOAH, what an incredible day it was.
For those that don’t know Mike’s story, he worked in corporate America for a number of years climbing the PriceWaterhouseCoopers ladder, then started his own T-Shirt company in Florida called Totally Unique T-Shirts.
After he liquidated that company, he fell into a sort of “life-crisis” of what to do next, as he struggled to find work, pay his mortgage and even afford air-conditioning in the hot Florida weather.
He tried to get his job back at PwC and even went door-to-door to try to get a job, but, in his words, he “couldn’t even get an interview”.
Maybe you can relate?
But his story picks up when a brilliant idea hits him. He should write positive, inspiring notes to the email list that he’d built while running the T-Shirt company, and call them “Notes from The Universe”.
He’s now a motivational speaker, New York Times best selling author and Hay House published writer, and is currently on his 4th World Tour (something he started by funding himself).
Pretty incredible, right?
But did all this success just fall in his lap? No. He tells the story of how many set backs, how many “no’s” and how many times he second-guessed himself, which could have prevented him from reaching success if he'd let it.
But he never let it.
He never stopped. He thought of his end result and kept moving forward each day so that he could get closer to his end result of finding his life’s purpose and living with abundance.
If he'd have listened to those hurtful voices inside his head telling him that writing Notes From The Universe wasn’t a good idea and that pretending to be The Universe would massively fail, then that would’ve been his result.
He would’ve failed.
Instead, he decided to ‘give it shot’ to see how it went, and it turned out to be the shift that his life was needing.
You see, the key is to try. You’ve got to give it shot despite your mind-chatter to the contrary if you want to reach the level of success that you desire.

You have to follow the feeling inside your heart, because, as Mike says, by following “your heart...you’ll be a light to others fumbling around in the dark”.
And that’s the thing gorgeous, you’ve always known what you want.
Your heart has always, always known what you want, it’s just that, growing up, you’ve been told that that you’ve got to “go out there, work hard, and get it, because no one’s going to do it for you”.
Sound familiar?
But here’s the thing, that’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given, because, what’s actually meant to be for you is already on its way to you. Yes, you’ve got to take action, “you can’t just visualize and then go eat a sandwich” (as Jim Carey said).
Yes, you are responsible for putting the car in gear, but the specifics of the path to get you there are already laid out for you. All you have to do is focus on your happiness, then your steps to reach your end goal will flow as and when they should.
You’ve focused so specifically on getting that end result; that client, that dream home or that red Lamborghini, and not your happiness, fulfilment, abundance, health, romance or friendships, that your entire is spent on HOW it’s going to unfold.
But here's the thing, you can focus on manifesting that red Lamborghini, but such specific focus on that end result is too detail-oriented, and you end up closing the door on receiving the opportunities and miracles the Universe wants to give you.
In other words, keep your end results general, because everything else is just a how, and those cursed HOW’s are going to block you from your dreams.
You have all that you need inside of you to make all of your dreams come true gorgeous. You are magical, gifted, talented and abundant.
Detach from the specifics, and re-attach yourself to finding happiness to gaining understanding of your purpose, show gratitude for your life, enjoy your work and focus on your health. Only then will your specific end goals come to fruition.
The Universe has your back, and you’re already destined to succeed.
With love

Janelle xx

P.S. I’ll say it again, the Universe has your back, and you’re destined to succeed. Will there sometimes be cracks along the way? Of course, but that’s how the light gets in. You’ve totally got this gorgeous.