Hi gorgeous, 

This past weekend I was celebrating our good friend’s wedding in Kitzbühel Austria and I have to say that the hills were alive with the sound of music. It’s very easy to see why the Austrian hills formed the backdrop to the Julie Andrews classic.
It’s a magical country and if you haven’t put it on your must-visit list, it needs to go straight to the top. 
And the thing about the Austrian women that I absolutely love is, they’re not afraid to speak up and demand the best, because they know they’re worthy.
Stick with me because this take-away is one that really hit home for me and I know it’ll resonate with you as well, gorgeous.
We were being driven up the mountain to the rehearsal dinner (and it really was a mountain) with 3 other woman (two of whom were older than me, let’s say around “Mum’s age”) and the driver stopped the car, got out, opened our door to let the lovely ladies out, but they wouldn’t budge.
After speaking German and leaving me looking quite confused, this extravagant and vastly elegant woman said that the driver had stopped at the wrong entrance and she didn’t want to go through the back door.
She said quite matter-of-factly “why should I go through the back door? This is the wrong entrance. Everybody else enters through the main door. Why should I be any different?”
Ha! Wow. The driver got back in the car and drove literally 5 meters, got out, opened her door and let us out, this time in the front entrance.
I was blown away (in a good way). This woman was full of so much self love and self worth that she knew what she wanted and she asked for it. It wasn’t rude, and I didn’t think it was inappropriate of her, I was actually in awe of her.
Why? Because I would have got out of the car wherever the driver dropped me, probably entered through the back door, simply grateful for the ride.

I would have settled for what I was given instead of going after what I really wanted.
Maybe you can relate?
And here’s the thing. You don’t have to settle.
I’m taking a stand for you gorgeous and for all women who settle for less than what they’re worth because you're not meant to live a mediocre life, you're meant to live a grandeur one.

I want you to know that it’s okay to ask for what you want, because if you don’t, how is anyone (God, the Universe, your boss regarding that raise….) going to know what to give you otherwise?
It’s about knowing you're worth, and going about the business of getting it. It's about being open to receiving and that means sometimes you've got to take a stand for yourself and actually ask for it.
If you sit there in the back seat and let someone else tell you what you’re worth, you’re never going to take your life to the next level, and I know you want the next level, gorgeous.
If you don’t push through the fear of what someone might think about you if you ask for what you’re worth, you’ll be forever playing small with your life.
What I know for sure is, this wonderful Austrian woman took a stand for herself, and in turn, took a stand for the rest of the women in the car by speaking up and saying that this was the wrong entrance and that we need to follow the car ahead of us and enter through the front like everyone else. 

After all, if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for us. And that's what she was saying.
Proudly I stepped out of that car and walked in the front door shoulders back and head held high and I felt confident, strong and feminine because of it.
The point here is, if you want something in life, you need to ask for it, and it’s okay if that means going against principles your parents taught you or what society or culture expects of you. You've got to break the cycle of what you've learnt growing up, of what was expected of you and of being the child that was "seen and not heard" and actually ask for it.
I’m giving you permission to listen to that voice inside of you that’s dancing around singing your praises of self worth and self love, and let that voice come to the surface.
Because it’s going to change the face of your life and your business.
You’re worthy, gorgeous and the sooner you take action towards that realization by asking for your desires, the sooner you'll start receiving.

With love

Janelle xx

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