Hi Gorgeous,

When I was first starting my own business, I thought everyone was talking about me behind my back, whispering horrible words of failure, rolling their eyes with that look of "what crazy idea has she gone and got into her head now". Can you relate?

I thought everyone would be questioning

why on earth I'd consider leaving the big dollars of the legal profession, for the uncertain income of my own business.

 For sure they knew I had flaky dreams and weak ambition. 

After all, who was I to think I could reinvent myself and go from broke, unemployed and depressed (with a ton of credit card debt) to

running a successful online business (in just 90 days) with clients all over the world.

Why would I throw away my degree and give up on everything I'd wanted since I was a kid?

Sound familiar?

Maybe you're telling yourself the same stories, that your dreams are flaky and your ambition is lacking and that the people you follow on Instagram are lucky. That no one really lives like that, but if they do, its definitely not possible for you?

Maybe you're thinking your friends, family and work colleagues will question your ability to run your own business and that breaking into the online market in a service based industry ins't the best way to go? After all, what do you know about building an online business?

You're scared to make the leap and call yourself an entrepreneur because you lack the support of your loved ones and don't know the first thing about setting up an online biz. 

Perhaps you hold the belief that the moment you become visible you'll be ridiculed by friends who'll roll their eyes at you, reminding you of the last time you got a 'good idea into your head ' and just "look what happened then".

Or maybe, you've got the most supportive friends and family in the Universe (and I'm sure you do) but it's you who's your own worst enemy, telling yourself you're not good enough, it'll never work and you're not worthy of happiness, wealth and abundance. 

And if that's true, then you're actually hindering your success and business progress, rather than helping it. 

I'll repeat that. Those negative thoughts and mind chatter is actually hindering your success, not helping it.

For me, the thought of leaving the only work I'd ever known, that I'd spent $100k to learn (and was still paying off student loans) was completely terrifying. But I did it anyway and I've never been happier.

For me, the idea of becoming truly visible to everyone  by updating my Facebook profile, scared the living daylights out of me. But the moment I did, my business skyrocketed and the support flooded in.

You see, I knew I had this mission to make a difference in the world by sharing my story of my heart attack and raise awareness of the need to live a balanced, happy existence.

If I could prevent just one heart attack and save a family from enduring the pain that mine went through  (and continues to share with me on those difficult health days) then my life's purpose was fulfilled.

And if I can save just one person's life, then maybe I can save more? Maybe I can save hundreds, or even thousands?

So I broke through the fear holding me back from reinventing myself and I started a business despite the fear, and even though I thought my family would think I was crazy. And you know what? I've actually inspired my family in ways even I never knew was possible.

The icing on the cake was my sister admitting that by me following my dreams and listening to my heart so that I was getting what I really wanted out of this life, gave her permission to do the same.

She was so inspired that she actually changed her University degree and is now following her dreams as well. (And she's back at school after 10 years and 2 kids)! I'm so proud!

And in this moment of fear, when you're questioning your ability and telling yourself hurtful, untrue and limiting beliefs about your destiny and your calling in life, 

I want you to know just how much power you have to change your life and to change the lives of thousands others.

Just by you following your heart and really going for it, you will be giving those around you permission to do the same and that's truly inspiring. 

You're capable of leaving a big impact on this world and your friends, family and colleagues know it! They're just waiting for your to shine your light so they can follow suit and pioneer their own destiny.

You're on the right track and I believe in you (so does your Mum, Dad, sister, brother, husband, boyfriend)...

All my love,

P.S. It's time to shake a leg and break through the barriers holding you back from what you really want (and deserve) in this life.