This past week has really been about ME (not just my business), and focusing on the health and wellness side, with less hustle behind the computer and more hustle in the gym (with a clear focus on toning my bod for my up coming nuptials).

Last week, I was in a body pump class (lifting weights and doing countless squats in time to fast music) and I decided to hang around after class to speak to the (Aussie) instructor (just in case she was hiding the secret to my dream wedding dress body - turns out she wasn't, but anyway!)...

And the most wonderful thing happened.

By listening to my intuition and staying after class to speak with the instructor (which I never do!) I ended up chatting for 20 minutes to her and another woman in the class about fitness, business and the power of the mind.

Stick with me, because this is a really interesting story.

So, for those that don't know my story, I was a lawyer for a decade until a heart attack nearly killed me. I realized my body had decided it'd had enough of the stressful corporate world and it was time that I took a load off, stressed less and didn't work so hard. 

So today, heading to the gym means more than just a tight butt (yes please!) and nice arms and back for my wedding dress. It's a sign of just how far I've come since that 7 day stay in hospital where I could hardly walk, talk or breath because I killed 40% of my heart muscle! (Cue embarrassing never before shared hospital pictures)...



Even though I may not love the pain that follows 60 minutes of body pump, I'm thankful that I can actually sweat it out burning calories and lifting weights, because it was only 4 years ago that my family thought I wasn't coming home!

As you can appreciate, realizing I'm physically capable of an entire body pump class makes me smile. (Yes I'm the goofball a the back of the room smiling to myself, singing along to the music and tapping my feet, ever so grateful to be alive and present in that very moment, despite the pain)!

And you know what, my reality four years ago was not as positive. I nearly died, and had a long road to recovery ahead of me, both physically and mentally.

I had to enroll in a fitness program at the hospital, aptly called the "Ticker Club", (see photo above) and I also had to battle through years of depression as I struggled with my identity, my career and my empty bank account.

Even though there were some really dark days, and some not so good hospital check-ups, I stayed focused, determined and driven to get back to "my old self".

And if it wasn't for the strong mindset, I would not be here today, because the mind is a powerful tool that can just as easy quash your dreams as it can build your dreams, if you let it! 

And that's the thing, you are in control of your mind and if I had've let the negative nancy side take over, I can tell you right now I wouldn't be here today, talking to you, leading a community of incredible woman (like yourself) and running my own highly successful business where I get to inspire, motivate and change the lives of thousands every single day.

Just like my body pump instructor Adele (no, not the singer, but equally as talented) and Maria (the other incredible woman in the class who's story is about to blow your mind).

You see, Adele and Maria both believe in the power of the mind. 

Adele is currently working on her money mindset and wealth consciousness by investing in a high-level coach so she can take her new business to the next level.

(She knows that her money story is holding her back from reaching her true wealth potential and she's enrolled herself and her fiancé into a course in London with a highly sought after mindset coach. Go Adele!).

And Maria, who I am going to put in the 50+ year old bracket (yet completely kicked my butt at body pump because she lifted more than me and can crunch into a fully seated position without any effort at all, while I struggle to lift my head just 6 inches from the matt).

The thing that really blew me away about Maria was her story about beating breast cancer. She was explaining that "this mind stuff" really works because every time she went for chemotherapy she would repeat this affirmation non-stop during the entire course of her treatment:

"I am strong and healthy and do not have cancer. I am strong and healthy and do not have cancer".

And she she beat cancer! (I know, I got goosebumps as well).

The Doctors were in shock, but Maria wasn't as surprised, crediting her health to those positive affirmations that she said out loud during each treatment, and which she knew would work. How?

Because she never lost faith. She never gave up and she never let herself believe anything but a healthy, positive, cancer-free outcome. She wasn't available for any other result.

And that's just it, the mind is an extremely powerful tool. You've just got to read the manual to know how to get the most out of it, and that manual, can be broken down into three very easy to understand steps...

  1. You have a mind, but you are not your mind;
  2. Thoughts become things and therefore you can shape your reality; and
  3. You have the power to control your thoughts!

So just remember, today, in your life or business, even though things may look grim, perhaps its a medical condition (like Maria's cancer or my heart disease, or something less sinister but equally as stressful, like eczema or menstrual cramps) or maybe it's pushing hard to get your business off the ground, just know that tomorrow is a new day.

Know and trust in the fact that so much can change in your life and in your business in such a short time, that today's grim forecast will not always be your reality. You can change your thoughts, and therefore you can shape your future. 

You've just got to trust in your ability, follow your instincts and read the user manual. 

It's all going to be okay.

Janelle xx

P.S. I repeat, it's all going to be okay.