Hi Gorgeous,

I spent the weekend in heaven. I was invited to the Savoy (one of the most exquisite hotels in London) for champagne with four incredible friends who are all female entrepreneurs. 
One of them was hosting an intensive coaching day with her client so we made the most of her being in London and spent the night discussing business strategy, mindset techniques, how to live more abundantly and how to charge your worth. 

That's my idea of a good night!
But staying at the Savoy wasn’t always her reality and she didn't just arrive at the Savoy by accident. Nor did she win the lottery.

She had manifested and visualized that weekend since she was a little girl and she crafted the freedom based lifestyle that allowed her to live her dream.
You see, she’d worked the corporate rat race for years, like me (and probably like you too) until she couldn’t take it any longer. Her heath and happiness had to be put first.
Maybe you can relate to that? I certainly can.
And like myself, she was on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster for a while, as she tried to figure it out on her own. But as she admitted to us, it took her investing in a coach and surrounding herself with like-minded women to realise that there was a better way.
An easier way.
And from that moment on, it all changed for her. She strengthened her mindset, learned from one of the best coaches in the industry, and manifested her dream life.
She followed her heart and now she's hosting intensive business strategy sessions with her own high end clients at the Savoy!

Incredible right?
And that’s the thing. You don’t have to do it alone. There is a better way. 

And it all starts with getting the right support. I've learned that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to chasing your dreams, following your gut or building your dream business.
You just have to get started in the direction of your dreams, visualize and manifest the life you desire and then trust that the dots will connect.
As Steve Jobs says:

“You cannot connect the dots looking forward. You can only do it looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

You have to trust in something. Gut. Destiny. Life. Karma. Whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path”.

And what I know for sure to be true, after a decade in the corporate world, and after suffering a heart attack and nearly dying at the age of 28 is, you need to listen to your gut and follow your heart, trusting that it will all work out.

And like my rockstar friend, you too can be enjoying your own business weekend at the Savoy in London, surrounded by champagne, like-minded women and determined and driven clients.
You just have to dream, trust and take action. It all lies in your mind and the power of manifesting your reality.

I found this to be true myself just last week in New York. I was at The Plaza, networking with incredible female entrepreneurs when I had to rush off to the airport to grab a flight to Chicago.

I was getting my bag from the concierge who said "Miss, you should be at the airport already by now, not just leaving. It's Friday night in New York City".

I replied with "I'm not available for that. I will not be late, I will not miss my plane and I will not be stressed. It will all be fine."

And you know what, I made it to the airport in record time, with no traffic, no check-in line and no wait at security. It couldn't have been more easy. And I had an hour to wait at the gate!
You just have to think you can, because thoughts are powerful and thoughts become things.
And because thoughts become things, you have the power to shape your reality.

And what I've learned so quickly in my business is that the dots will connect. Eventually.

Just have faith. In something. In fate. The Universe. Karma. Whatever it is, have faith and trust that it will all work out because you were given that inner voice, that gut instinct for a reason. 

Trust it'll lead you to where you need to be. To get you back on the right path even when you feel like you're falling off track or failing, just know that the dots will eventually connect and you'll be right where you're meant to be, at the exact moment in time you're meant to be there.

Because in the end, your heart will always connect the dots. And I promise you the journey will be worth it. Each hurdle a lesson to joining the dots to connect you with your truth.

Your truth as to what on Earth you're really meant for.

With love,

Janelle xx

P.S. You're here on Earth for a purpose. You have a gift, special talents that are unique just to you and I believe in you. It's time to let your light shine and trust that the dots will connect. It's going to be just fine!