It was such glorious weather in London yesterday that Chris and I took a picnic to Primrose Hill with a view of the City and made the most of the sun. It was a perfect day to be outdoors, surrounded by great friends, fun music and French rosé.
Which was, surprisingly, in stark contrast to the weather in Barcelona, where I’d just returned on Saturday from three days of travel. I was tired, and in need of some R'n'R.
So I jumped at the chance to unplug and step away from my computer. (It’s a rarity to win the weather cocktail of heat, sun and blue sky on a weekend!)
As we sipped rosé and just enjoyed being outdoors with our bare feet in the grass, my mind tuned in to the different conversations flowing around the picnic blanket.
The theme was Sunday and the adjective was fear.
Instead of lapping up and living in the moment, all of my corporate friends were speaking of work tomorrow and you could hear the disappointment in their voice and you could see the anxiety on their faces.
The weekend was coming to a close and tomorrow was back to the corporate rat race. Maybe you can relate?

I’ve been there. I’ve been that woman wasting my Sunday with worry about what horrible stress awaits me in the office. I’ve been the one dreading the day coming to a close because it meant I was one sleep away from facing reality.
And reality wasn’t pretty. Sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve been that woman too, or maybe you still are?
But that’s not my reality anymore. I was sitting there, on that picnic blanket, listening to everyone complain about their corporate jobs, about slaving to the clock, time sheets, deadlines and being overworked (and probably under paid) and I just couldn’t relate anymore.
I mean, I could remember what that was like, but I had the pleasure of saying “been there, done that ladies”. And boy did that feel good.
And I say this not to gloat, or to rub it in or make my friends feel bad. Not at all. I only share these stories to encourage and inspire. To let you (and my friends) know that’s its possible for you as well. You can be living the life of your dreams.
It really does exist. And normal people do it!

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an easy transition into entrepreneurialism and this freedom based lifestyle. But I wanted it right or wrong so I never gave up.

And I’m glad I didn’t, because in just a little over half a year, I’ve created the freedom based lifestyle working from my laptop that I desired. The one where I’m behind the reins. 

And as I sat there completely unplugged and surrounded by great company, I knew that I had to get this message out. After all, it's the message that I built my business on.
It’s about finding your purpose in life and creating a business (and a pay cheque) from that passion. You see, I believe in not sacrificing passion for a pay cheque.

Yes, it takes hard work and dedication – but you can do that. I know you can because you’ve been doing that every day of your life in your corporate job, but just for someone else's benefit.
And when you step into the role of Boss. Of being the Forewoman of your life, the C.E.O., you actually have more drive and more determination than ever before. Because you know you have to make it work.
I’ve seen the results in my own life by taking the chance, listening to my gut and really just going for. Going for my dreams and finding my purpose in life.
I paid attention to the life I was leading and knew that wasn’t my true calling in life. So I listened to that and to what I believe to be true about myself. And that’s what I focused on.

As Oprah says “you become what you believe” and I believed I was meant for more. I believed that my calling was to share my story and use my talent for helping other women to get paid for their passion, and turn it in to my business.
And I never gave up on that belief.
As I sat on the picnic blanket I found myself explaining this to my friends who've all had the same dream of running their own business, but they've let fear rule their lives and basically make all of their decision for them.

Maybe you can relate?
But I've learned that to eradicate Sunday jitters, and to stop following the corporate crowd, you need to stop letting fear make your decisions, and you need to find your purpose in life.

And you do this by paying attention to the life you are leading now. If that is what you believe you’re meant to be doing, then you need to find a way to express yourself.

If it’s not what you're meant to be doing, then it’s not your true calling and its your duty in life to change that. To live this one life to the best of your ability. To serve others, and in turn, to be in service to yourself.

In service to your true calling.
And never give up.
That’s literally all I did just over half a year ago. And because I did that, because I listened to my calling, to that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was meant for more (which I knew was never going to go away if I didn’t invest in myself and give it a right old go), I eradicated Sunday fear.
I’ve also never been happier!
Is it hard work? Yes, sure it is. Will you work over the weekends? Sure, sometimes, but you’re in control and you don’t have to if you don’t want to (incredible being the boss, isn’t it?)

Will you regret it? I certainly haven’t. And while I subscribe to the “live life with no regrets” policy, I do know that the only times I’ve ever felt pinches of regret was over NOT giving something a go.

So give it a go. You’re worthy of happiness, success and abundance.
It’s time to claim that worthiness today.

With love,

Janelle xx