I’ve had a pretty awesome Monday so far and wanted to share my takeaways with you to inspire you to keep going, keep pushing, keep on keepin’ on with your dreams because you never know who’s watching and taking inspiration from what you’re doing…

I woke up to a Facebook message from a young woman I met in Fiji many, many years ago. She’s just graduated High School and started a “mini business” (her words) in network marketing. She’s been following my journey and wanted to know if I had any advice for her as she stepped into the role of entrepreneur at such a young age.

I thought this was SO CUTE!!!! I felt like a big sister and was so honored to get her message asking for advice. Of course, I happily sent her a bunch of tips and invited her to join my Facebook group to get even more support from like-minded women (after all, you’re the sum of the 5 closest people you surround yourself with).

And it made me realize, you don’t even know who you’re inspiring, which is why you can’t give up. You’ve got to keep going. Even if no one responds to your newsletters or replies to your Facebook post, trust me, they ARE reading them.

You’ve just got to be consistent. I know for me, it took 4 months of continued writing, perfecting my style, sending a newsletter every single Monday before I finally got my first “fan mail”. 

Someone hit ‘reply’ and said how inspired they were by reading what I wrote. I thought I was going to faint I was that excited. Finally, all the hard work and hearing crickets was paying off.

So they actually were reading my newsletters?!

And that’s what I want you to know, Gorgeous. They’re reading what you’re writing, they’re listening to what you’re saying and they’re paying attention to you (even if you haven’t got a reply yet, hold to the belief of what you’re doing and know that you’re making waves).

Just like a client call I had this morning (I did say it was a pretty awesome day). 

For joining my group program, Office to Online, this incredible woman secured herself a private coaching session with me and it was AWESOME! We uncovered some blocks, got a deeper understanding of what was really holding her back in her business, and implemented activities and goals for her to overcome those hurdles so she can get the success she really wants in her business.

And the breakthroughs she had on that call were the reason she joined the program. It affirmed to her that she’d done the right thing (of course, I knew that she had!).

She also said that she’s been following me for some time and reads my newsletters for inspiration every week and wants to create the same thing herself, so she can inspire others to take action and create a better life. 

And that’s my WHY. Right there is the reason I do what I do. To help change the lives of women wanting to change the lives of other women… and that’s the ripple effect in motion, Gorgeous.

By me showing up each day (even on days like today when there’s builders hammering on the roof of my building) taking consistent action, is inspiring others.

I didn’t even know who I was inspiring and it’s the same for you, Gorgeous. But it doesn’t mean you’re not. It means you’ve got to continually show up, take action and send that newsletter, write that sales email, publish that post on social media, share your story and do that Facebook live.

Take it from me, all it takes is one email from you and they could go from email subscriber to client.

Just ONE email. That’s it! 

So today, if you feel like no one’s listening or reading, I’m here to shine a light. 

You don’t even know who you’re inspiring, Gorgeous.

Keep going!
With love,

Janelle xx