Hi, Gorgeous

I know what you're thinking: “you don't have the power to change traffic lights. No one does.”

Well you’d be excused for thinking that, but you’d be wrong! Here’s why...

Today, I pressed the button to cross the street to get the bus (I actually love getting the red buses in London because I sit on the top deck, cruise through London traffic in the bus lane and on lovely sunny days like today, it's one of my favourite ways to travel in London) but the button wasn’t working.

I pressed it again but nothing happened (the definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result, so I was pretty close to going insane). 

Then I saw the bus coming. Now, if you don't get the bus then you won't know what I'm talking about, but for those that do, you’ll know exactly how I was feeling to be on one side of the street just 100 meters from the bus stop and see the bus coming down the road.

You immediately think “I’m going to miss this bus”.

There’s no break in traffic to cross the busy street and the traffic light button isn't working so the traffic light man who we all know lives inside the traffic light has no idea you’re there, so you throw your hands in the air with frustration and curse the Universe for always throwing bad luck your way.

But not me. Not today.

Instead of thinking "oh how typical, it comes right as I'm stuck on the opposite side of the road, with a broken traffic light button and the busiest traffic in history", I chose to flip the switch on that. I decided I wasn't available for that mindset. 

Instead, I repeated in my mind "I'm not available for missing this bus, the light WILL change, that bus WILL stop and I WILL make it the bus stop in time". 

I stared at the traffic light (remember I only just missed the last green light so it isn't due to change for a while) and willed it with all my might (and mind power) to change to red. 

I repeated the positive mantra - the situation I wanted to be my reality - in my mind and then the light turned red right before the bus approached. Literally there wasn’t a second to spare.

I couldn't believe it. 

I walked across the road and quickly made my way to the bus stop in plenty of time for the bus. 

I literally used my mind to manifest my reality. 

I'm now writing this email to you from the bus, sitting on the top deck, enjoying the sunny view through South Kensington. 

Fluke? You could think that.

But this isn't the first time I've used my mind to shape my reality. 

When I was in New York in May at an elite mastermind at the Plaza, I asked the concierge to hail me a taxi to the airport as I was cutting it fine to get my flight, and he flat out said to me "you won't make it, you've left it too late". 

I looked him fair in the eye and said "I'm not available for missing my flight. There won't be any traffic". 

And sure enough it was the quickest drive to JFK in history. 25 minutes flat, no traffic at all at 7pm on a Friday night in NYC. 

Unheard of. 

Or is it? 

You see, Gorgeous, I've learned that thoughts become things and you have the power to manifest the life of your dreams - you've just got to think it and starting believing it. 

And then so it shall be. 

Sounds fluffy, I know.  

But if I, a cynical lawyer with “lots of bad luck” in the past, can see tangible examples in my life by using the power of my mind, then it’s available for you to see the same tangible results in your life as well, Gorgeous.

How do I know? 

Because I’ve gone from a lawyer who is trained to sharply question everything I know, and require evidence and authority to back up testimonies, to throwing a lot of that out the window to make way for a belief system centred more around life’s magic and the Universe’s serendipities.

Because I know that being open to that “fluffy stuff” not only makes for a more enjoyable and stress-free existence, it actually yields tangible results (and buses).

Thoughts become things and you therefore can shape your reality. 

Where do you want to be living? What business do you want to be running? How much excitement and happiness do you want to feel? What income to do want to make?

Live it, run it and feel it today, and more of it will come your way. 

Remember Gorgeous, thoughts become things, choose those that serve you and see how your life starts to shift into your dream life before the traffic light changes.

Janelle xx

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