Hi Gorgeous, 

It’s a gorgeous day in London with blue sky and warm sunshine, so I’ve taken off to a Chelsea cafe and called it my office for the day.

Having the freedom to choose where I work from, when I wake up and what I work on each day is why I created my laptop lifestyle. It’s the reason I went into business for myself so that I had more freedom, the ability to create my own wealth and the lifestyle to work from anywhere in the world.

But to get to this point, I had to reinvent myself. 

You see I practised law for nearly a decade, working in an office in a face-to-face environment with bosses, clients and co-workers, keeping paper files and having a physical corporate office, to becoming an entrepreneur, and moving into the online space, creating a service-based business, working from home, talking to clients on Skype and doing things electronically.

It was a huge change, but one I had to step into if I was going to be successful in the online realm. 

Now my life looks completely different to the struggle that went with billable hours, wearing a suit and commuting to a job that didn’t excite me. Today I’ve managed to reinvent myself, letting go of the emotional ties I had with being a lawyer, and learning that my corporate job, and years of study to get me there, did not define me.

And that’s the thing, Gorgeous, your current corporate job does not define your full potential. It is not who you are, it’s merely the vehicle you’ve used to travel the road of life to get to the point where you are now.

As Oprah says; “you don’t have to hold yourself hostage to who you use to be.” And that really resonated with me, perhaps it does with you as well?

What I want you to know is, you have to power to be whomever you want to be and the sum of your current station in life does not equal your future potential.

You have the power to create a life bigger than you’ve ever been able to dream before, you’ve just got to fundamentally change how you think.

Your path in life, to get you to this very point, to reading this very email, in this very moment in time, has been for a purpose. And even if you don’t know it yet, every single bump in the road has been a lesson to learn from, and regardless of the pain you felt at the time, you need to learn from those lessons and keep moving forward in your journey.

And if a bump causes you pain. Learn from that pain.

If a bump gives you joy, learn from that bump so you can emulate the feeling of joy in your life.

For me, it took a massive bump in the road in the form of a heart attack for me to take note of my journey and course-correct.

Sure, there were plenty of bumps prior to that, and a lot of joy as well, but I never learned the lessons I was meant to learn from those events and I therefore could never move on from them.

I held them in a negative place in my heart, feeling frustration and anger at why that thing had happened to me. And by playing victim for too long, and focusing on the negative, instead of learning a lesson from that, only exacerbated the problem. 


Maybe you can relate to that, Gorgeous?

There’s been a hiccup in your life, and it’s caused you grief, pain or discomfort, and the pain you felt has kept you stuck in that moment, cementing you in a place of negativity, and then more negativity has come your way.

You’ve probably referred to this as ‘bad luck’. 

It’s like blow after blow after blow keeps falling upon your life, striking you or your family with money problems, health issues, or even death. It’s completely horrible, and I know the feeling because I’ve experienced all of these.

But moving past those bumps, pushing through the sadness, the loss, the heavy feeling in your heart about your current station in life, and turning that around into a lesson that you learn from is the only way to create a better life.

It’s how you reinvent yourself.

So today, if you’re not happy with your job, with the money in your bank account, or the status of your business, know that you have the power to change the result by changing the formula.

You don’t have to stay hostage to your past mistakes, to the person you are now (or who you use to be) and you certainly don't have to stay hostage to the job you have now.

You have the ability to completely reinvent yourself and become the person I know you’re destined to be.

With love

Janelle xx

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