Hi, I'm Janelle.

I'm a Success Coach for you, the determined and driven woman who wants to have it all.

I know how exhausting, stressful and soul crushing the corporate world can be. I've been there. And it nearly killed me (seriously, I'll get to that part in a second).

For years I worked over 80 hours a week making someone else millions of dollars, while my dreams were on the back burner, along with my family, my health, and my happiness.

I kept putting everyone else's dream business before my own and it was wearing me out. I was completely run down, burnt out and stressed.

I was one of those people who thought "surely there's more to life"? 

How do I know I can help you?

My story is a good one.  At 21, I was a qualified Lawyer, practicing in commercial property as well as representing clients on other matters in court.  I was a high-flyer in my eyes as this career was all I'd wanted since I was 9 years old.

Sure, the hours were ridiculously long and the stress was insurmountable at times, but this is all I'd known, all anyone knew me as.  It was my identity.  So I kept at it for years, doing the daily grind and doing what was expected.


Until I had a heart attack at the age of 28, and nearly died.  My life instantly changed.  I was alone, in hospital and in Japan!

Struggling with the language, and a diagnosis I didn't understand, my life literally flashed before my eyes.  While doctors tried desperately to save my life, I remember thinking, wow, we really do only get one shot at this.  From that moment on, I realised:

  • I could no longer endure the chronic stress of the corporate world
  • I could no longer make money for someone else while my dreams took a back seat, and
  • I definitely could not ignore the importance of my health and putting myself and my family first.

But I was an unemployed, scared 28 year old living back at home with my Mum, feeling completely confused about my failing career and what's worse, I was also busted broke.  

How was I going to make all of my dreams come true and live this one life to the max, if I had no job, no money and all this credit card debt?  I was depressed, feeling sorry for myself, and blaming anyone I could for my heart condition.  

But I knew I couldn't go on like this. I knew that I couldn't let a little heart disease get in the way of my big dreams.  As a small-town girl growing up on a farm in Queensland, I'd always known I was a little different, like I was a big fish in a little pond. I was a determined and driven woman with huge dreams and I couldn't let anything get in the way of making my dreams come true.

So I moved to London and that's when my story gets even better.